Gambia 2018

Enhancing Democratization through Women and Youth Leadership and Participation

Activista (The Gambia)


To promote civic education and citizen engagement in local governance. The grantee will convene women and youth leaders for a training on the roles of government agencies and principles of community organizing.  Community dialogues will discuss the importance of political inclusion for women and youth and four citizen forums will review civic education principles. These forums will be complemented by visits to secondary schools and universities where the grantee will discuss the importance of civic engagement with students. Finally, the grantee will produce radio programs.

Mobilizing the Victims for an Exhaustive Documentation of Human Rights Violations

Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations


To advance the protection of human rights and to promote national reconciliation. The grantee will conduct missions across the country to record the testimony of victims of human rights violations perpetrated by the Jammeh regime. To provide further support for the victims, the organization will host a two-day conference on transitional justice and the resources available to victims. The grantee will also host panels, television programs, and radio programs educating citizens on the importance of human rights.

Promoting Political and Economic Advancement through Community Civic Education

Future in Our Hands-The Gambia


To increase civic engagement in rural communities. The grantee will organize trainings on the principles of democratic governance as well as forums for women and youth that highlight the importance of political inclusion. Dialogues between citizens and members of the National Assembly and a session on community policing will build trust in communities. Moreover, trainings on budgeting, conflict resolution strategies, and the roles of traditional leaders will build capacity amongst local authorities. A budget awareness campaign and radio shows will share this information with the public.

Seizing Opportunities for Urgent Economic Reform in the ‘New Gambia,’ II

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enable the Gambia’s National Business Council to become a sustainable framework for national public private dialogue after the 2017 democratic transition. The center will assist the local partner in effectively running the newly established National Business Council by building the capacity of its secretariat and providing it with the necessary resources, particularly research support and legal expertise, to pursue key reform initiatives. The center will also support the partner in capturing policy impacts from the work of the Council, and in ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Strengthening Civic Voice and Improving Grassroots Democratic Participation

Article 19 International Center Against Censorship


To protect and expand civic space in The Gambia. The organization will strengthen the capacity of women to participate in the political process and to hold elected positions by mentoring female candidates running in the April 2018 local elections.  Moreover, the grantee will document any political promises made by the candidates and will draft a list of citizen grievances and priorities in a “Citizens’ Manifesto”. This manifesto will serve as a foundational document for aspiring political leaders to increase their transparency with the Gambian public.

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