Gambia 2019

Building a National Consensus on Access to Information and Freedom of Expression

Gambia Press Union


To influence the adoption of a constitution that promotes freedom of expression and access to information rights in The Gambia. The organization will conduct an awareness campaign to share its view of new media laws that guarantee Gambian rights to freedom of expression. The organization will also train journalists and civil society activists on advocacy methods to rally public support around their draft Freedom of Information bill. Additionally, the organization will host a national forum to solicit stakeholders’ recommendations and validate its draft bill.

Building Institutional and Human Capital for Anti-Corruption Initiatives

Anti-Corruption Coalition (Gambia)


To promote public awareness on corruption issues and support the enactment of anti-corruption mechanisms in The Gambia. The organization will leverage its partnership with international anti-corruption efforts to strengthen its operational and governance capacity. The grantee will also conduct trainings aimed at enhancing its member’s capacity to raise awareness on the need for public accountability. In addition to conducting anti-corruption activities, the grantee will identify and train local anti-corruption champions to raise communities’ awareness on corruption and mechanisms to increase accountability at the local level.

Increasing the Capacity of the National Assembly to Effectively Engage in Democratic Lawmaking

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To improve the Gambian National Assembly’s ability to engage in effective democratic lawmaking. The institute will strengthen the capacity of the National Assembly’s members and staff to critically review and communicate publicly on bills under review. The institute will provide technical assistance to National Assembly members and staff to meet the minimum standards for reviewing legislation as well as incorporating citizen feedback into policy proposals and laws.


Y’en A Marre


To ensure meaningful participation of young people for stronger accountability processes in Senegal and The Gambia. The organization will provide youth activists from both countries with resources to engage on political issues. The organization will recruit and equip youth activists with programmatic skills and train them on democracy promotion and governance. The organization will also reinforce its web TV equipment to increase its reporting capacity and will broadcast contents centered on democracy, governance, and culture to foster a spirit of civic engagement among young people.

Mobilizing Victims for an Exhaustive Documentation of Human Rights Violations

Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations


To promote national reconciliation and advance the protection of human rights. The grantee will support efforts of the state-sponsored Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) to collect testimonies from victims of human rights violations under the Jammeh regime. The organization will use media to raise awareness on the work of the TRRC, the on-going transitional justice program, and victims’ rights. In addition, the organization will provide psychosocial and medical support to the victims.

Promoting Increased Participation in Governance for Improved Accountability and Economic Advancement

Future in Our Hands-The Gambia


To strengthen citizen participation in decision-making to promote government accountability. The grantee will organize dialogues between citizens and members of the National Assembly to share citizens’ needs and priorities and discuss parliamentarians’ roles. The grantee will also host forums to strengthen youth and women capacity to monitor the implementation of the national budget. Finally, the grantee will host a women’s empowerment forum to explore opportunities for women to work together to empower emerging leaders and educate them on effective leadership and collaboration.

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