Guinea 2018

Fighting Against Torture and Inhumane Treatment in Prisons

Jeune Cellule pour le Developpement


To improve prison conditions and protect human rights.  The grantee will conduct interviews with local authorities and prison employees to assess their knowledge of human rights protections and detainee rights. The grantee will also establish monitoring committees to evaluate prison conditions and detainee needs. Food, hygiene products, medical care, will be offered to detainees.  Local authorities, prison officials, and members of civil society will be trained on existing human rights laws and anti-torture mechanisms. Radio shows and booklets will share this information with the public.

Promoting Local Communities’ Engagement in Mining Impact Studies

Association Mines Sans Pauvrete


To raise the awareness of local communities regarding the social and environmental impacts of mining activities, and to strengthen the capacity of local leaders to advocate for the involvement of local populations in decision making in mining projects. The group will lead an awareness campaign within local communities affected by mining projects. The local leaders will also map the problems of these communities related to mining and present them to the government and the projects’ promoter.

Promoting the Rights of Local Communities in the Management of Natural Resources

Association de Cooperation et de Recherche pour le Developpement


To raise the awareness of local communities of their rights regarding natural resource exploitation, and to support advocacy efforts to hold mining companies accountable. The group will hold workshops to discuss the legal obligations of extractive companies and compensations due to local populations. The organization will also assist local authorities in the implementation of international standards, and support the peaceful management and resolution of conflicts linked to mining activities.

Promoting Transparency through Public Access to Budgeting Information

Centre du Commerce International pour le Developpement


To promote transparency and facilitate public access to budgetary information. The grantee will organize trainings on decentralization and participatory budgeting. To make this information more accessible, the grantee will design simplified budgets and illustrations to demonstrate the budgeting process. Moreover, an information center containing physical and digital copies of important budget and local governance documents will be created. Finally, local authorities will be trained on how to better engage with citizens on governance issues.

Reinforcing Women’s Participation in Local Elections

Association Guineenne pour l’Implication des Femmes dans le Processus Electoral et la Gouvernance


To promote women’s participation in local governance and the 2019 legislative elections. The grantee will organize capacity-building workshops for women leaders on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, existing gender equality measures, and ways to promote women’s political participation. Small advocacy teams will then meet with elected officials to increase women’s political participation, and advocate for the implementation of a gender quota in the legislature. A public awareness campaign to encourage civic engagement will conclude the project.

Strengthening the Guinean Judiciary

Les Memes Droits pour Tous


To improve access to justice. The grantee will convene judicial system actors for a training on preventing vigilante justice. Meetings between police and legal system actors will discuss each group’s respective role in the judicial system. A survey will assess legal actors’ knowledge of judicial protocols. The grantee will visit prisons to monitor conditions and offer free legal assistance to detainees in prolonged detention. The grantee will also set up a center to record incidents of gender-based violence and offer legal assistance to victims.

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