Guinea 2019

Promoting Community Engagement in Mining Impact Studies

Association Mines Sans Pauvrete


To strengthen citizens’ awareness of the impacts of mining within their communities and develop their ability to participate in extractives governance initiatives. The grantee will organize sessions to discuss the results of a report describing the environmental impact of a gold mine project. Citizens will then be trained to document air and water pollution. Environmental samples and results from a satellite imagery study of environmental degradation in mining communities will aid in developing an advocacy strategy to improve environmental conditions in mining communities.

Promoting Justice Sector Accountability

Les Memes Droits pour Tous


To promote professionalism and accountability within the Guinean justice system. The organization will solicit feedback from judicial system stakeholders and design a code of conduct for federal police and prison officials to ensure they comply with Guinea’s laws on detainee rights. The organization will also provide free legal assistance to detainees experiencing prolonged pre-trial detention.

Promoting Transparency and Citizen Engagement in Natural Resource Management

Association de Cooperation et de Recherche pour le Developpement


To promote transparency in the extractives sector by increasing citizen participation in extractives sector governance. The organization will begin the project with a series of trainings on negotiation, constructive communication, and dialogue techniques to help improve communication between citizens, local authorities, and extractives company representatives. The organization will also host a training on community rights; teach journalists how to report on extractives issues; and host dialogues between citizens, local officials, and extractives company representatives.

Reinforcing Women’s Participation in Local Elections

Association Guineenne pour l’Implication des Femmes dans le Processus Electoral et la Gouvernance


To strengthen the capacity of Guinean women leaders to participate in the legislative elections and in local governance processes. The grantee will train women who are members of civil society and journalists on the new gender parity law. The grantee will then organize three dialogues between political party leaders, civil society, and women’s organizations on the importance of women’s political participation and the gender parity law. The grantee will offer ongoing mentorship to women political aspirants and engage in advocacy with the legislature to enforce gender parity.

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