Kenya 2018

Data Driven Solutions to County Governance Challenges Addressing the Needs of Citizens

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support the development of citizen-informed, data-driven, and research-based policies, laws, and legislation within Kenyan county assemblies. Through targeted county-level polling, the institute will support members of county assemblies elected in the 2017 elections to develop policies that address the needs of their electorates.

Enhancing Democratic Governance in Kwale County

Peace Tree Network


To foster a culture of active community participation in local governance and accountability of elected leaders. The organization will hold trainings on Kenya’s devolved system of government, train select individuals on budget and public expenditure tracking, and support citizen monitoring of local institutions. The grantee will also convene human rights and social accountability forums that will bring together local stakeholders.

Legal Aid and Human Rights Advocacy

Humanity, Action, Knowledge, Integrity in Africa Trust


To promote respect for human rights and accountability for abuses. The project will provide legal aid services, document rights abuses, and advocate for pre-trial justice. It will seek to reduce human rights abuses by providing pro bono services and developing a constructive relationship with the police and judiciary.

Managing Post-Election Violence in Kenya

Citizens Against Violence Organization


To promote an active and informed citizenry that holds local government accountable. The organization will hold a series of meetings with youth leaders and government officials on local governance issues and maintaining peace during the post-election period. The grantee will also convene a series of discussions on socio-economic, political, and security issues that affect the Nairobi and Kisumu slum communities.

Monitoring the Kenyan Parliament

Mzalendo Trust


To promote legislative transparency and accountability in Kenya’s parliament. The organization will provide timely, accurate, and objective information on the legislative body. By increasing parliamentary transparency and strengthening the public’s understanding of parliamentary processes and roles, the organization will play a critical role in promoting citizens’ participation in the democratic process. It will also be a vital resource for civil society organizations engaged on policy and budgetary issues and media organizations that cover parliament.

Monitoring the Rescheduled 2017 Kenyan National Elections



To provide coverage and close monitoring of the rescheduled Kenyan national elections. The grantee will partner with a coalition of civil society organizations to form an Election Center, which will serve as a forum for information sharing and rapid response. The Election Center will issue regular press releases on the electoral process and will be comprised of election observers, monitors, and data analysts who will examine election results as they come in.

Promoting Democratic Governance and Constitutionalism

Constitution and Reform Education Consortium


To promote respect for rule of law and citizens’ understanding of the Kenyan Constitution. The organization will hold forums and working groups to engage with government, civil society, community groups, and other stakeholders to advocate for integrity, public service delivery, and accountability of government through public participation and uptake of national values found in the constitution.

Promoting Labor Rights for Marginalized Workers

Solidarity Center (SC)


To increase migrant domestic worker, informal worker, and youth awareness of labor rights protection mechanisms in Kenya. The center will raise awareness of their rights and mechanisms for using legal protections stipulated under labor laws, as well as the ILO Convention on Migrant Domestic Workers.

Promoting Labor Rights for Marginalized Workers

Solidarity Center (SC)

Supplement: $30,000

To increase migrant domestic worker, informal worker and youth awareness of labor rights protection mechanisms in Kenya. The center will educate them about their rights and about mechanisms for using legal protections stipulated under labor laws, as well as the International Labor Organization Convention on Migrant Domestic Workers.

Strengthening Democratic Practices in Trade Unions

Solidarity Center (SC)


To continue efforts towards strengthening democratic practices in Kenyan trade unions. The center will support federation efforts to increase awareness and encourage participation of women and youth in leadership and activities, promote transparent allocation and utilization of public funds at the county levels, and build retail sector capacity to represent marginalized workers.

Strengthening Youth Legislative Networks

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To enhance the collective power of youth legislators across county- and national-levels of government to advocate for their priorities. The institute will support the Kenyan youth legislative caucus to build the capacity of youth legislators and institutionalize nascent networks that foster greater collaboration and coordination.

Supporting Accountable and Inclusive County Governments

Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance


To support the emergence of accountable and inclusive county governments. The organization will host a series of radio programs to highlight major issues related to devolution, especially in regards to allocation and spending of public funds. Programming will include encouraging citizen engagement on issue-based politics at the local level, as well as promoting moderate and peaceful voices within the Muslim community.

Supporting Community-Based Journalism

Kay Youth Media Limited


To promote the role of media in sustaining democratic governance in Kenya. The organization will train a select group of youth to become journalists to provide community voices on under-reported, national issues. The journalists will produce stories that tell the impact of poor governance, corruption, and ethnic politics around the country.

The Constitution of Kenya in Graphic Form

Buni Media Limited


To promote political participation and citizens’ understanding of the Kenyan constitution. The organization will design and produce simplified chapters of the constitution as a graphic novel, distribute the graphic novel at exhibitions around the country and on social media, and create an interactive web platform to provide resources for citizens and facilitate dialogue around these issues.

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