Engaging Citizens to Enhance Service Delivery in Liberia

Youth in Technology and Arts Network


To build individual citizen and civil society capacity to monitor social service provision in Lofa County. The organization will conduct a robust civic education campaign, engage citizens in town hall gatherings, train citizen networks in the use of political process monitoring tools such as scorecards, develop social audit clubs, and organize a debate on social service accountability.

Engaging Liberian Women in Community Peacebuilding through Access to Information and Media

Liberia Women Media Action Committee


To provide Liberian women with the skills and opportunities to influence social and political developments through media. The grantee will restore operations for Liberia Women Democracy Radio, organize live broadcast town hall gatherings on peace and governance issues for market women, devote a special recurring radio slot for the discussion of key gender policy documents and the status of women, and train a select group of high school students on best practices in journalism.

Enhancing Women’s Political Participation in Local Governance

Movement for Indigenous Women’s Rights in Liberia


To promote the participation of women in local governance in Liberia. The organization will host community dialogues on the importance of political inclusion. It will also train women to assume community leadership roles, advocate for gender sensitive government policies, and enter politics. The organization will focus on empowering women in rural Nimba County.

Enhancing Youth Civic Engagement in Post-Election Liberia

The National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections – Partners for Democratic Development


To empower young women and men with the democratic knowledge and skills to engage in democratic decision-making. The organization will train young leaders on democratic activism, before guiding them to advocate for accountable and responsive political party policies. It will support these young leaders in articulating a legislative agenda and in holding elected officials to their 2017 campaign promises.

Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Rural Liberia

Human Rights Network Foundation


To ensure that citizens in rural Liberia have access to advice and information about their legal rights and opportunities to seek redress. The grantee will organize access to justice trainings, radio discussions, and a public awareness campaign. It will also support community paralegal services and foster dialogues on rights and justice.

Promoting Civil Society Participation in the Decentralization Process

Institute for Research and Democratic Development


To strengthen the knowledge and capacity of civil society to advocate for transparent and accountable decentralization reforms. The organization will educate civil society organizations in four counties on the ongoing decentralization process. It will train community members to monitor service delivery at County Service Centers. To address shortcomings in service delivery, the organization will then work with civil society to advocate for enhanced transparency and accountability at the county level.

Promoting Greater Citizen Understanding of the Criminal Justice System in Liberia

Rescue Alternative Liberia


To improve citizen-police relations in Liberia through increased engagement and collaboration. The grantee will organize forums bringing together police and community members to engage in shared security provision strategies, conduct civic education on police and community roles in addressing human rights abuses and fighting crime, and conduct trainings with community leaders on how best to support and promote effective criminal justice. The project activities will be conducted in Grand Cape Mount, Margibi, and Nimba counties.

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