Advancing Democracy and Governance 

The National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections – Partners for Democratic Development


To build citizens’ capacity to promote accountable local and national governance in Liberia through political participation and advocacy. The organization will train citizens to understand local and national governance structures, particularly in light of the newly passed Local Government Act, track political and legislative developments, and engage in advocacy based on their findings.

Amplifying Women’s Voices in Extractives Sector Governance

Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy


To enhance women’s capacity to advocate for improved extractives sector governance in Liberia. The grantee will organize a training to educate citizens on the context of existing extractives protocols, and then will convene citizens, local authorities, and mining company representatives to discuss concerns and updates on ongoing extractives projects. Five women’s groups will organize follow-up activities with extractives stakeholders to ensure women’s opinions are heard. Weekly radio messages will emphasize the importance of accountability in extractives-affected communities.

Engaging Citizens to Enhance Service Delivery

Youth in Technology and Arts Network


To build individual citizen and civil society capacity to monitor social service provision in rural Liberia. The organization will host a local governance training and a series of dialogues to assess community priorities for local development spending. The organization will work with communities to draft a local development plan and present it to federal officials. The organization will use social audit committees to monitor the provision of social services and to hold elected officials accountable for their promises. The organization will also conduct voter education.

Enhancing CSO Capacity for Effective Engagement in Security Sector Oversight and Governance

The Liberia National Law Enforcement Association


To enhance the capacities of civil society actors to effectively engage legislators, other government officials, and international partners on legislative and resource support for the security and justice sectors, and to contribute to effective civilian oversight of the security services by improving the capacities of personnel of internal and external complaints oversight structures. The organization will build capacity of civil society organizations and journalists to engage with members of the security sector to promote greater accountability.

Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Rural Liberia

Human Rights Network Foundation


To expand access to justice in Liberia. The grantee will train paralegals to provide legal aid to detainees and serve as liaisons between detainees and corrections officers. The grantee will also organize community education sessions on the legal system for citizens, collaborate with the Ministry of Justice and other stakeholders to advocate for the establishment of a legal aid commission, and popularize the commission through a series of awareness-raising activities.

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Governance

The National Institute for Public Opinion, Inc.


To promote transparency and accountability within local government in Liberia. The organization will hold a consultative meeting with local authorities in each target county to discuss the Local Government Act and the Agenda for Prosperity and Development. Next, the organization will train local authorities on budget monitoring techniques. After conducting a training of trainers on community mobilization and awareness-raising techniques, a team of volunteers will educate citizens on the Local Government Act through door-to-door awareness campaigns.

Promoting Greater Citizen Understanding of the Criminal Justice System

Rescue Alternatives Liberia


To improve citizen-police relations in Liberia through increased engagement and collaboration. The organization will organize dialogues between citizens and police to promote better understanding of the criminal justice system. The organization will advocate for alternative sentencing and the use of fast track courts for low-level offenses. The organization will also train police on preventing human rights abuses and gender discrimination in prisons. Finally, the organization will provide free legal aid to pre-trial detentions and monitor prison conditions.

Promoting Justice Sector Accountability

Rural Human Rights Activists Programme


To promote transparency and accountability in Liberia’s justice sector. The organization will monitor police holding cells and prisons to document compliance with existing statutory laws and meet with relevant legislative and judicial authorities to advocate for improved levels of compliance. Next, citizens will discuss strategies to engage with their local authorities. A national forum will convene justice sector stakeholders to discuss constituent engagement techniques and any challenges with responding to citizen concerns. Finally, the organization will educate citizens on justice system processes.

Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Rural Liberia

Women Democracy Network Liberia


To promote women’s political participation and representation in rural Liberia. The grantee will meet with elected officials to discuss barriers to women’s political participation. Next, the grantee will host a dialogue to draft a bill to address gender disparities in Liberia and present it to elected officials in advocacy meetings. The grantee will offer women political candidates and aspirants training and mentorship about running for office. Finally, the grantee will produce a documentary and radio programs on women’s experiences in government.

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