Malawi 2019

Emerging Civil Society Leaders Program

Youth and Society (YAS)


To build the capacities of a new cadre of civic leaders in Malawi. The organization will conduct high-level leadership training, provide mentorship and apprenticeship; create opportunities for project-based learning; and provide a platform for networking for a select group of young civil society leaders.

Strengthening Accountability in the Extractives Industry through Investigative Reporting

Centre for Investigative Journalism Malawi


To enhance the capacity of investigative journalists to promote accountability within the extractives sector in Malawi. The organization will train journalists to investigate developments in Malawi’s extractives sector to strengthen reporting and publishing on economic developments and accountability. Participants will publish a monthly story on extractives sector developments while working on a longer investigative piece.

Strengthening Youth Leadership in Civil Society

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To build civil society youth members’ technical skills in key areas of management and analysis and increase the opportunity for cross party dialogue on policy issues, the institute will work with a cohort of young leaders from Malawi CSOs to strengthen the skills of youth staff in organizational management and policy development. Through their work, the young leaders will contribute to substantive discussions on the key policy issues in Malawi.

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