MALI 2018

Fostering Issue-Based Dialogue on the Peaceful Implementation of the Peace Accord ahead of the 2018 National Elections

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To improve the peaceful implementation of the Peace Accord ahead of the 2018 national elections. The institute will hold a series of communication strategy forums, civic engagement initiatives, and issue-based campaign messages on the implementation of the Peace Accord. It will also provide venues for issue-based dialogue between national stakeholders, local actors, political parties, candidates, and citizens.

Improving Leaders’ Accountability through the Use of ICTs



To improve leaders’ accountability through the use of information and communication technologies. The organization will support an online platform to monitor the work of the Malian parliament and government. The partner will also train the leaders of media houses and NGOs in Mali regarding the electoral process and the development of new media. Finally, the grantee will train journalists to use social media and ICT tools to monitor public action.

Involving Women and Youth in the Promotion of Peace and Social Cohesion in Kidal

Groupe Action Recherche pour le Developpement Local


To involve women and youth in national reconciliation and social cohesion. The grantee will organize a dialogue session to discuss the inclusion of women and youth in the reconciliation process with a follow-up community session. An awareness session will use skits to highlight principles of social cohesion. Additionally, trainings on peaceful conflict resolution will be conducted. An intercommunity meeting will provide an opportunity for community members to resolve tensions. Finally, a workshop and two debates will emphasize the role of women in the peace-building process.

Live Event Series and Content Creation and Dissemination

Timbuktu Renaissance


To foster social cohesion and promote moderate voices in Timbuktu. The organization will organize free concerts featuring musicians from the region and neighboring countries to reinforce Timbuktu’s democratic recovery from jihadist occupation. The organization will also host youth-led public dialogues to highlight the importance of tolerance and social harmony and develop strategies to counter extremist ideas. The organization will also record and disseminate videos from the concerts and dialogues to reinforce Timbuktu’s cultural legacy as a center of peace and moderate Islam.    

Promoting Accountability within Malian Officials

Accountability Lab Mali


To raise the Malian population’s awareness of the importance of holding officials accountable. The group will hold a competition to allow citizens to nominate upright and honest elected officials and vote for their favorite. The organization will also hold a summit and gather stakeholders to discuss strategies and options to strengthen and promote accountability in Mali.

Promoting Human Rights and Youth Access to Justice

Tribune Jeunes pour le Droit au Mali


To support the involvement of Malian youth in the promotion and protection of human and political rights, and to promote access to justice in Mali. The organization will support the work of legal clinics, which collect reports on human rights violations and offer assistance to victims. In addition, the partner will train young leaders on human rights and the promotion of access to justice.

Promoting Peace and Reconciliation

Reseau Plaidoyer et Lobbying


To strengthen the capacity of Malian civil society to promote stability, and to engage citizens in the achievement of peace. The group will train CSOs on addressing peace issues and involving local populations to promote social cohesion. The organization will also facilitate collaboration between CSOs and the security sector in the peace process, and it will strengthen the monitoring of the Peace Accord implementation by citizens.

Promoting Transitional Justice in Malian Border Communities

Partners West Africa


To strengthen the capacity of local leaders, women, and youth to facilitate dialogue and support community transitional justice systems. The group will hold trainings of trainers for local leaders who will act as key peace actors within their communities. The organization will also gather the main actors of the transitional justice sector to explore the functionality, importance, and gaps in existing transitional justice mechanisms in local communities.

Supporting Improved Governance and Accountability in Western Mali



To promote increased accountability in Western Mali, and raise awareness of the importance of citizens’ involvement in governance. The group will use its governance and accountability index to measure the performance of leaders and officials. It will also train local leaders to engage with local communities and raise awareness of their rights and duties in the decentralization process. The partner will lead an awareness campaign to publicize the findings of its study and will encourage the regions to improve their management of resources.

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