MALI 2019

Improving Leaders’ Accountability through the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)



To improve leaders’ accountability through the use of information and communication technologies in Mali. The organization will support an online platform to monitor the work of the Malian parliament and hold it accountable. In addition to enabling citizens to monitor the implementation of electoral promises made by the recently reelected president, the partner will assist municipalities to improve accountability and transparency. The organization will also train its regional team members to bypass online censorship and promote citizen engagement in their localities.

Live Event Series and Music Production for Peace

Timbuktu Renaissance


To foster social cohesion and reinforce Timbuktu’s democratic recovery from jihadist occupation. The organization will organize free concerts featuring musicians from diverse ethnic groups of the city and neighboring countries to convey messages of peace, diversity, and reconciliation. The organization will host youth-led public dialogues between populations from diverse backgrounds to highlight the importance of tolerance and social harmony. The grantee will also support the production of socially conscious songs to encourage reconciliation between diverse ethnicities and will disseminate the songs through digital music platforms.

Mobilizing Civil Society to Support Peace and Reconciliation

Reseau Plaidoyer et Lobbying


To strengthen the capacity of Malian civil society to promote stability, and to engage citizens in the achievement of peace in Mali. The organization will train CSOs, local elected officials, and journalists on addressing peace issues and involving local populations in the promotion of social cohesion. The partner will also facilitate community dialogues to promote social cohesion, and will lead an advocacy campaign for the successful implementation of the Peace Accord.

Mobilizing Youth for Inclusive and Accountable Local Governance



To strengthen the role of youth in local governance and support the adoption of local youth-sensitive public policies in Kidal, Gao, and Koulikoro. The organization will equip youth with leadership skills and tools to become active leaders. The organization will facilitate workshops to enhance youth capacity to design, implement, monitor and evaluate local policies. In addition to hosting intergenerational debates to engage youth with experienced leaders, the organization will conduct consultative forums where youth will articulate their priority issues and advocate for their incorporation in local development plans.

Promoting Access to Justice and Respect of Human Rights

Tribune Jeunes pour le Droit au Mali


To promote access to justice in Mali and support the involvement of Malian youth in the promotion and protection of human rights. The organization will support the work of its legal clinics to collect reports on human rights violations and provide free legal assistance and psychological support to victims of human rights violations. The organization will also assist displaced victims from the security crisis to submit their cases to the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission.

Promoting Accountability of Malian Officials

Accountability Lab Mali


To raise Malian citizens’ awareness about the importance of integrity. The group will organize a competition to allow citizens to nominate honest elected officials and vote for their favorite. The organization will also hold a summit to discuss strategies and options to strengthen and promote accountability in Mali. In addition, the organization will establish a network of upright civil servants, host meetings between finalists and academics, and offer an integrity fellowship to students to inspire colleagues and the new generation to emulate upstanding behavior.

Using Technology to Reinforce Democracy and Good Governance in West Africa



To provide West African youth with opportunities to participate successfully in public affairs. Through the use of Information Communication Technologies, the organization will enhance youth civic knowledge and skills and their capacity to engage in politics. It will develop a web portal to enable youth to debate and share civic-tech initiatives. It will also host a civic-tech competition to develop applications for enhanced youth political participation. Through these engagements, the organization will build a community of civic-tech leaders that can collectively respond to youth participation challenges.

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