NIGER 2018

Building a Legal Environment for the Protection of Human Rights

Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa


To advance the protection of human rights and improve access to legal support for victims of human rights abuses. The organization will conduct a series of capacity building trainings for Nigerien judicial officers, lawyers, and civil society members on the use of international human rights instruments, including human rights litigation before regional and sub-regional courts. The grantee will also assist human rights defenders to identify, prepare, and file a strategic case of human rights violations before the relevant regional court.   

Mobilizing Youth to Prevent Violent Extremism and Consolidate Peace

ONG Culture Art Humanite


To promote peaceful conflict resolution and prevent violent extremism. The grantee will organize a workshop for youth focusing on human rights and the importance of being engaged citizens. A second workshop will discuss conflict resolution strategies. The grantee will also host a workshop for women on their roles in peace-building and local governance. Radio shows will share this information with a wider audience. Finally, a peace forum will convene citizens, civil society, and local issues to discuss peace and reconciliation strategies.

Strengthening Citizen Resilience To Threats Of Violent Extremism

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen community resilience in regions that are vulnerable to violent extremism. The institute will improve communication and rebuild trust between citizens, especially young people, and government authorities. It will also assist young leaders to become constructively engaged in their communities and coordinate their actions through newly formed youth leadership committees in each participating region.

Strengthening the Capacity of Security Forces to Protect Women’s Rights

Partners West Africa


To promote women’s participation in the security forces and protect women in conflicts. The grantee will train members of the Nigerien army and policy on UN resolutions related to gender equality and protecting women’s rights in conflict situations. The grantee will also hold advocacy meetings with local authorities to increase women’s participation in the security forces. Finally, the grantee will convene female police officers for a capacity-building workshop on gender equality, human rights, and the role of women in preventing and resolving violent conflicts.

Supporting Women’s Participation in the 2021 Elections

Femmes, Actions et Developpement


To promote women’s political participation and leadership. The grantee will lead awareness caravans in five cities to discuss how politics impacts women’s lives on a daily basis. Focus groups with local leaders will further discuss barriers to political participation that women face. To strengthen women’s civic knowledge, the grantee will organize workshops on topics related to civic engagement as well as advocacy and mobilization strategies and awareness materials will be distributed.

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