NIGER 2019

Promoting Women and Youth Involvement in Peaceful Conflict Resolution in Tillaberi

ONG Culture Art Humanite


To strengthen the role of youth in local governance and support the adoption of local youth-sensitive public policies in Kidal, Gao, and Koulikoro. The organization will equip youth with leadership skills and tools to become active leaders. The organization will facilitate workshops to enhance youth capacity to design, implement, monitor and evaluate local policies. In addition to hosting intergenerational debates to engage youth with experienced leaders, the organization will conduct consultative forums where youth will articulate their priority issues and advocate for their incorporation in local development plans.

Strengthening Community Resilience To Violence And Insecurity Through Improved Accountability

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen resilience in communities impacted by violence and insecurity. The institute will seek to increase young people’s community engagement and improve accountability among citizens, security services, and government for better local public services. The institute would train local partners on accountability methods and assist communities in improving communication and cooperation among all affected by threats to local security.

Unfolding Women’s Potential to Increase their Participation in the 2021 Elections

Femmes, Actions et Developpement


To advance women’s political participation and leadership and promote the consolidation of Nigerien democracy. The organization will host workshops for women political aspirants to strengthen their communication, advocacy, and campaign strategies knowledge. The grantee will also organize monthly engagement forums to create opportunities for established women politicians with women political aspirants to share best practices and lessons learned in confronting and overcoming gender discrimination in politics. The organization will also continue to engage with all political parties to secure leaders’ commitment to increase the representation of women in leadership position.

Youth Peacebuilding to Prevent Radicalization

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To inculcate a culture of peace and instill responsible citizenship, the institute will conduct qualitative research on youth perspectives of citizenship and social cohesion and use its findings to design a training toolkit to strengthen intercommunal relations between Nigerien youth. The institute will leverage its partnership with the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat to integrate youth perspectives into the training.

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