Access to Justice for Pretrial Detainees

Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants


To promote access to justice for pre-trial detainees through improved legal representation and prison reform advocacy in Nigeria. The organization will continue providing legal aid in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasarawa, and Benue states, while expanding coverage to Enugu State. It will also implement national and zonal advocacy campaigns aimed at encouraging the state to enforce existing criminal justice reform legislation; challenging shortcomings in the legislation; and improving criminal justice administrative policies.

A Regional Network of Paralegals Providing Access to Justice for the Urban Poor

Incorporated Trustees of Community Legal Support Initiative


To equip marginalized urban communities with local legal aid solutions and foster community-based support networks to promote inclusive governance. The organization will provide paralegal training and support to marginalized urban populations so that they can employ their respective legal systems and inter-community solidarity to defend their basic rights, and demand for improved government accountability. While paralegals will provide support for a range of legal needs, the organization will focus on protecting communities’ land rights, human rights, and access to justice.

Beyond Voting: Increasing Women’s Participation in the Political Process

Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative (Partners West Africa Nigeria)


To build communities of women who are more conscious and active participants in the electoral process. The organization will conduct zonal mapping exercises to assess women’s political participation and devise strategies for increasing participation. It will launch mobilization campaigns to enable women to challenge discrimination in politics, encourage traditional, religious, and political leaders to support gender equality in politics, and mentor women interested in running for office.

Combating Misinformation & Disinformation in Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections

The Centre for Democracy and Development


To support quality journalism and counter electoral misinformation to promote peaceful and democratic elections in Nigeria. The grantee will train and deploy journalists as fact-checkers to monitor the media landscape during the election cycle to counter and correct inflammatory political misinformation. It will serve as a moderating voice to de-escalate political tensions and encourage responsible political campaigning and voting.

Defending Journalists Who Report on Corruption

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project


To promote and protect the rights of journalists who report on issues of corruption, transparency, and accountability. The organization will improve investigative journalism, document threats made against journalists, provide legal support to journalists under threat, and advocate for enhanced protections for journalists in Nigeria. A freer media environment will allow journalists to serve as stronger government watchdogs, advancing government transparency and accountability.

Electorate Awake and Participate Project

Media for Justice Project


To educate communities on the electoral framework and encourage citizens to uphold their civic rights and fulfill their civic responsibilities and to build community capacity to monitor, report, and verify election results and incidents to promote free, fair, and peaceful elections. The organization will conduct community sensitizations on the electoral rules, regulations, and guidelines, with an emphasis placed on the need for peaceful elections. It will also support communities to conduct and coordinate election observations.

Empowering Youth for Effective Democratic Participation in Africa



To educate youth on citizenship, civic activism, and fundamental human rights so that they actively engage in participatory democracy in their respective countries and across the region. The organization will host policy trainings, produce a youth democracy journal, and conduct digital democracy advocacy campaigns, fostering a new generation of informed young democratic activists across Africa. It will also promote quality citizen election observations by facilitating election observer trainings and coordination meetings with electoral management bodies.

Enhancing Citizen Participation in governance in Oil Producing Communities

Environmental Rights Action (Environmental Rights Development Foundation)


To enhance the capacity of communities to participate in governance to improve government accountability, strengthen regulation of the oil industry, and reduce conflict in the Niger Delta. The grantee will educate oil host communities on oil spill prevention and oil spill response. It will then advocate for legislative reforms that improve oil industry regulation and governance.  The organization will also develop women and youth leadership skills, enabling these populations to participate in community governance.

Fostering Civil -Military Dialogue

CLEEN Foundation


To strengthen civil-military relations by fostering sustained dialogue and improved understanding between both parties to improve accountability, security, and human rights throughout Nigeria. The organization will create support platforms where security forces, government oversight mechanisms, and civil society can discuss security sector reform. It will also empower civil society and communities to hold security forces accountable and educate police and civil defense forces on their responsibilities.

Giving Business a Voice in the 2019 Elections

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the private sector to advance economic reforms and to improve voters’ access to actionable information about the economic agendas of key parties and candidates in Nigeria’s 2019 general elections. The center will support the pre-election advocacy efforts of six regional private sector coalitions, host roundtable debates for gubernatorial candidates, and increase private sector and citizen capacity to hold elected officials accountable by establishing a means of monitoring and tracking the policy reform progress.

Improving Access to Justice

Community Policing Partners for Justice, Security and Democratic Reforms


To strengthen government transparency and accountability through sustained policy monitoring and civic mobilization on social media, and generate enthusiasm amongst young voters to participate in the electoral process. Through its website dedicated to providing credible, accessible, and timely information on crucial policy debates and governance issues, the grantee will promote discourse on government performance, while also venturing into voter education. It will also facilitate a series of public forums to facilitate public education and debate on policy discussions and the electoral process.

Independent Community Media Advocacy Project

Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development


To strengthen the capacity of rural and urban communities in the Niger Delta to democratize the media landscape and empower citizens to advance their human and environmental rights, the organization will strengthen the capacity of community-based citizen journalists, environmental monitors, and human rights paralegals to develop a community owned and oriented media hub. Through this hub, community members will articulate their governance priorities and advance their human, environmental, and social rights in the region.

Investigative Reporting for Government Accountability

International Centre for Investigative Reporting


To foster a culture of investigative and data driven journalism to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance in Nigeria. The organization will conduct investigative reporting on government policies and programs, focusing on the elections, insecurity in the northeast and Middle Belt, public procurement, and budget implementation. Through this reporting, the grantee will educate civil society and the public on political challenges and mobilize a constituency for reform. The organization will also facilitate networking among investigative journalists across numerous media houses.

LGBT Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Project

The Initiative for Equal Rights


To protect and advance the human rights of the LGBT community. The organization will employ evidenced-based human rights advocacy to shape government laws and policies and public opinion to protect and advance the human rights of the LGBT community in Nigeria. It will continue its national LGBT rights support hotline, document LGBT rights violations, and conduct advocacy campaigns targeting the Nigerian state, regional human rights bodies, and the Nigerian public.

Mobilizing Women for Political Participation in Kaduna

Women in Need Foundation


To educate and mobilize women to participate in politics in Kaduna state, the grantee will visit with ministers and public officials to encourage women’s political inclusion. To further reinforce the ability for women to participate in the political process and local-level decision making, the grantee will organize three community engagement forums to provide women an opportunity to directly engage with their elected officials. The organization will also host trainings on women’s roles in conflict resolution and produce radio programs advocating for women’s political participation.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Leadtots and Human Development Services


To foster youth networks that will enable youth and women to shape government policy, seek political office, and participate in the electoral process. The organization will mobilize youth and women into youth hubs that will launch a collective campaign, “Nothing About Us Without Us”, to encourage government and political parties to address the under-representation of youth and women in politics in Northeast Nigeria. Youth hubs will also organize voter education and mobilization campaigns.

Participate Today

Inclusive Friends Association


To enhance the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in elections, political parties, and broader political space in Nigeria. The organization will organize disability rights-focused voter education forums, voter registration campaigns, and campaign mentoring in the run up to the 2019 elections. In the post-election period, the grantee will work with political parties and government officials to reduce barriers to PWD political participation.

Ra’ayin Mata: The Voice of Women in Northeast Nigeria

Conciliation Resources


To strengthen the capacity of women to participate in political processes and shape security policies in Northeast Nigeria. The grantee will work with women leaders in four communities impacted by the Boko Haram insurgency to identify their governance and security priorities. It will then guide the women leaders to articulate these concerns and suggestions to non-state and state officials to advance gender sensitive government responses to the crisis.

Strengthening Public Confidence in Nigeria’s Elections

Anvarie Tech (The Election Network)


To strengthen citizens’ access to reliable election information and build public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process in Nigeria. The organization will assess social media trends and deploy a cohort of trained citizen journalist-observers to assess electoral processes before, during, and after the elections. It will use information from these two streams to deliver credible narratives on the conduct of the elections to the Nigerian public.

Strengthening Youth Participation in Northeast Nigeria

Young Leaders Network


To strengthen the capacity of youth and women to participate in politics in northeast Nigeria. The grantee will educate groups of young democracy and peace activists, and guide them through political party engagements aimed at opening up space for women and youth. It will then support these activists to conduct campaigns to encourage youth to become active in politics and peacebuilding initiatives during and after the 2019 elections.

Strengthening Youth Political Participation in Northwest Nigeria

Organization for Community Civic Engagement


To strengthen the capacity of youth to engage with political actors to promote public accountability and participate in the 2019 elections in Northwest Nigeria. The organization will foster an enabling environment in which young Nigerians and political leaders can engage in dialogues to discuss good governance, political accountability, and the limited participation of marginalized groups. The grantee will address these concerns by conducting youth organization capacity building trainings, town hall meetings with government officials, advocacy campaigns, and media programs on civic and voter education.

YNaija Accountability Project II

The Future Generation Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (The Future Project)


To strengthen government transparency and accountability through sustained policy monitoring and civic mobilization on social media, and generate enthusiasm amongst young voters to participate in the electoral process. Through its website dedicated to providing credible, accessible, and timely information on crucial policy debates and governance issues, the grantee will promote discourse on government performance, while also venturing into voter education. It will also facilitate a series of public forums to facilitate public education and debate on policy discussions and the electoral process.

Youth Participation in Politics Plateau State

Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria


To strengthen the capacity of youth to advocate for free, fair, and non-violent elections, and participate constructively in state and local governance. The organization will facilitate a series of youth democracy and election education workshops. It will host inter-party youth dialogues to abate political tensions. In addition, it will organize town hall meetings and a stakeholder summit to provide avenues for youth to engage with community and political leaders.

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