A Regional Approach to Access to Justice for the Urban Poor through Growing an Inter-City Network of Paralegals from the Slums

Incorporated Trustees of Community Legal Support Initiative


To equip marginalized urban communities with local legal aid solutions and community-based support networks to promote inclusive governance and access to justice. The organization will provide paralegal training and support to marginalized urban populations so that they can use their respective legal systems to defend their basic rights, while demanding for improved government accountability. While paralegals will provide support for a range of legal needs, they will focus on protecting communities’ land rights, human rights, and access to justice.

Beyond Voting: Increasing Women’s Participation in the Political Process

Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative (Partners West Africa Nigeria)


To build communities of women who are more conscious and active participants in politics. The organization will assess women’s political participation in select states in the immediate post-election period. In consultation with civil society, communities groups, and government agencies, it will then devise and implement strategies for enhancing women’s participation in politics from the local level. The organization will also mentor young women interested in entering politics.

Combating Fake News and Disinformation

Centre for Democracy and Development


To counter political disinformation and misinformation to promote peaceful and accountable politics in Kano State. The organization will train social media influencers on recognizing disinformation campaigns and promoting credible political discourse. The organization will also monitor traditional and social media to identify sources of disinformation and fact-check misleading political news. It will also conduct civic education campaigns on political accountability.

Dataphyte: Promoting Open Government Data and Data Journalism

Interactive Initiative for Social Impact


To foster a community of practice for the advancement of open government data and data journalism to promote accountability in Nigeria. The organization will work with government to improve capacity to document and share data, and to allay political opposition to sharing government data. Through its own data gathering, analysis, and dissemination, it will demonstrate the value of data journalism for media and civil society stakeholders working to deepen public sector accountability, strengthen civic engagement, and promote democratic governance in Nigeria.

Electorate Awake and Participate Project II

Media Awareness and Justice Initiative


To build the capacity of politically marginalized communities to engage government officials to advance good governance and human rights. The organization will strengthen citizen capacity to assess and articulate their governance and development needs to newly elected and appointed government officials. It will employ community needs assessments, town hall meetings, and community media platforms to enable this enhanced political participation.

Empowering Youth for Effective Democratic Participation in Africa

Yiaga Africa Initiative


To educate young Africans on citizenship, civic activism, and fundamental human rights so that they actively engage in participatory democracy, and strengthen cross-border collaboration and regional integration amongst youth organizations working to advance democratic governance in African states and institutions. The organization will host policy trainings, produce a youth democracy publication, and conduct digital democracy advocacy campaigns, fostering a new generation of informed young democratic activists across Africa.

Fostering Civil-Military Dialogue

CLEEN Foundation


To strengthen civil-military relations to improve government accountability, security, and human rights throughout Nigeria. The organization will sustain and deepen platforms where security forces, government oversight mechanisms, and civil society can discuss security sector reform. It will also strengthen the capacity of civil society and communities to hold security forces accountable and educate them on their responsibilities.

Judicial Anti-Corruption Initiative

Access to Justice


To strengthen the rule of law in Nigeria by promoting impartiality, transparency, and accountability in the judiciary. The organization will monitor judicial oversight mechanisms and assess the implementation of transparency and accountability guidelines, identifying weaknesses and recommending reforms. It will pursue public interest litigation where necessary, and educate government officials and the public on the necessity of reform. The organization will foster a justice community network to assist in these efforts.

LGBT Human Rights Awareness and Advocacy Project

The Initiative for Equal Rights


To protect and advance the fundamental human rights of the LGBT community in Nigeria and Africa. The organization will employ evidenced-based human rights advocacy to shape government laws and policies to protect and advance the human rights of the LGBT community in Nigeria. It will continue its national LGBT rights support hotline, document and report on LGBT rights violations, and conduct advocacy campaigns that call on regional human rights bodies, the Nigerian state, and the Nigerian public to uphold the human rights of the LGBT community.

Niger Delta Community Parliaments for Inclusive Governance

Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development


To strengthen the capacity of rural and urban communities in the Niger Delta to advance their human and environmental rights. The organization will strengthen the capacity of community-based citizen advocates, journalists, environmental monitors, and human rights activists to identify their governance challenges and priorities. By supporting a community media hub and facilitating citizen-government forums, the organization will assist community members in articulating their governance priorities to their representatives, and demanding improved human, environmental, and social rights in the region.

Nothing about Us without Us

Leadtots and Human Development Services


To foster youth hubs with the requisite leadership and advocacy skills to shape government policy and demand government transparency and accountability; and to promote young women’s participation in all aspects of the political process The organization will mobilize youth into youth hubs that will launch advocacy and engagement campaigns to encourage government and political parties to address the under-representation of youth in politics in northeast Nigeria. The organization will also host a series of summits to address barriers preventing women’s political participation.

Positioning the Private Sector in National and Regional Policy Formulation

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the voice of the unrepresented private sector micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the ongoing policy dialogue about the Africa Continental Free Trade Area and to empower business to combat corruption by advocating for increased public accountability and transparency. The Center will support business associations representing MSMEs in constructive policy dialogue while laying the groundwork for a collective action initiative against corruption.

Promoting the Rights of Journalists and Defending Freedom of Expression

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project


To promote and protect the rights of journalists whose reporting promotes government transparency and accountability. The organization will document threats made against journalists and produce reports on the state of media freedom in Nigeria. It will conduct public advocacy and litigation to defend the rights of individual journalists and to expand space for freedom of expression. A freer and safer media environment will allow journalists to serve as stronger government watchdogs, advancing government transparency and accountability.

Ra’ayin Mata: The Voice of Women in Northeast Nigeria

Conciliation Resources


To strengthen the capacity of women to participate in political processes and shape governance and security policies in Northeast Nigeria. The organization will work with women leaders in communities impacted by conflict to identify their governance and security priorities. It will then guide the women leaders to articulate these concerns and suggestions to non-state and state actors to advance gender sensitive government responses to the crisis.

SDG 16 Innovation Challenge: Improving Access to Justice, Accountability, & Rule of Law

Accountability Lab Nigeria


To promote the participation of youth, especially young women, in governance, and to improve access to justice, accountability, and the rule of law in Nigeria. The organization will launch a youth focused innovation challenge to solicit ideas for creative approaches to promote Social Development Goal 16. The competition will support youth to develop ideas, build skills, and connect with other individuals and stakeholders working toward these shared goals.

Strengthening the Election Petition Process

Human Rights Law Service


To foster public, legislative, and judicial debate on the performance of the election petition tribunals and promote electoral petition reform in Nigeria. The organization will monitor and assess the performance of on-going and future election petition tribunals before recommending legislative and policy reforms aimed at improving the efficiency and democratic integrity of the process. It will collaborate with reformists in government, civil society coalitions, and media to share its findings and advance its proposed reforms.

Strengthening Youth Participation in Northern Nigeria

Young Leaders Network


To strengthen the capacity of youth to participate in politics in northern Nigeria. The organization will foster an enabling environment in which youth and political leaders can engage in dialogue on good governance, accountability, and the need for political inclusion. The organization will educate and mobilize young democracy activists, leading them through civic and political party engagements aimed at opening up space for young men and young women in five constituencies located in Bauchi and Nasarawa states.

Strengthening Youth Political Participation in Northwest Nigeria

Organization for Community Civic Engagement


To strengthen the capacity of youth to engage with political actors to promote political inclusion and public accountability in northwest Nigeria. The organization will foster an enabling environment in which young Nigerians and political leaders can interact and engage in dialogues to discuss good governance, political accountability, and youth priorities with newly elected and appointed government officials. The grantee will address these concerns by conducting youth organization capacity building trainings, town hall meetings with government officials, advocacy campaigns, and media programs.

YNaija Accountability Project

The Future Generation Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (The Future Project)


To provide citizens with sustained policy monitoring and debate to strengthen government transparency and accountability. Through its website dedicated to providing credible, accessible, and timely information on crucial policy debates and governance issues, the grantee will promote discourse on government performance. It will also facilitate a series of public forums, and employ diverse media platforms to facilitate public debate and education on policy discussions. Through these processes, it will continue to cultivate a network of engaged citizens who demand governance reform.

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