Increasing Workers Capacity to Participate in Peace Promotion Processes in the East Africa Community, Nigeria and Somalia

Solidarity Center (SC)


To increase democratic space and worker’s rights in areas rife with conflict and violent extremism. The center will build on its previous conflict-related work in Nigeria, Kenya, and Somalia, to build the capacity of trade unions in East and West Africa. Activities will include consciousness-raising about peace processes and will recognize the relationship between expanded social protection and peace promotion.

Mitigating Electoral Violence of Political Parties in Sub-Saharan Africa

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To mitigate negative effects of electoral violence in sub-Saharan African countries. The institute will create and field-test a tool that assesses the involvement of political actors in preventing and mitigating election-related violence. While interventions to prevent or mitigate electoral violence exist, they are often narrow in scope, particularly when it comes to addressing the role of political parties. The institute will seek to fill gaps by providing actionable recommendations to political parties and actors that inform their strategies to increase the likelihood of credible elections free of violence.

Mobilizing the Private Sector to Combat Corruption

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the capacity of civil society partners to help the private sector implement anti-corruption compliance measures, and to support informed private sector advocacy on anti-corruption and regulatory reforms in Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, and Zambia. The center will galvanize the private sector in fighting corruption and increase participation in regulatory reform by training partners on an anti-corruption compliance system for local SMEs, working with the private sector to identify opportunities for regulatory reform in specific agencies, and developing advocacy campaigns to minimize opportunities for corruption.

Networking, Empowering and Building Capacities to Strengthen Democratic Governance in Africa

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen areas of cooperation with the African Union on youth engagement. The institute will consolidate regional youth networks and enhance the leadership capacity of young women and men to effectively participate in political and electoral processes. The institute also will strengthen the capacity of the Department of Political Affairs by providing technical assistance to its Democracy and Elections Assistance Unit for a political party strengthening initiative and supporting the implementation of a women’s engagement strategy.

Promoting Gender Equality Among Unions – Phase Four

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote gender equality among African trade unions. The center will consolidate lessons learned from partner activities and develop a series of best practices and case study documents for use throughout the Africa Region. The consolidation, dissemination, and use of strategies, tools, and activities within unions and national centers will further increase gender equality and women’s empowerment in those structures.

Strengthening Labor and CSO Voice in Trade Programs – Phase Three

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote African workers’ and civil society’s voices in Africa-related trade preference programs and trade agreements, the center will carry out a program of trade union participation in the 2018 United States-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum and a Kenya-based program of strategic consultation, research, and advocacy planning.

Strengthening Transnational Cooperation Against Corruption and Illicit Financial Flows- Phase III

Solidarity Center (SC)


To develop the capacities of trade union partners in Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia to effectively engage in policy advocacy that curbs illicit financial flows (IFFs), promotes democratic governance, and contributes to inclusive and sustainable development. The center will continue country-specific research, provide issue and advocacy training, solicit research, provide financial support for constituent awareness-raising activities and technical assistance to facilitate trade union and civil society partnerships to more effectively curb IFFs and promote democratic governance.

Supporting Civil Society to Advocate for Democratic Reform in the Great Lakes Region

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support civil society in the Great Lakes region in efforts to conduct advocacy concerning political and electoral reform. The institute will work with civil society organizations to identify opportunities for renewed engagement with their governments and regional multi-lateral organizations for dialogue and action concerning political reform.

The Kleptocracy Project

ZAM-net Foundation


To foster greater understanding of the enabling factors and problematic consequences of kleptocracy in seven African countries. The organization is working to deepen the capacity of journalists on the continent to tackle one of the most important challenges impeding progress in Africa. As part of this effort it will commission carefully documented investigative research projects, publish and distribute the findings across various platforms, and link the research findings to other initiatives that promote transparency and fight corruption.

Youth Networking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe

Generation Citizen, Inc.


To enhance the capacity of organizations in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to deliver civics training and to support these organizations in developing an active, sustainable civics network. The organization will conduct multiple trainings to develop skills in delivering civics to youth. It will implement an online platform for the network, host a conference, and help the partners develop a white paper on lessons learned.

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