Defending the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Central Africa

Forum des Associations et Organisations des Personnes Handicapees en Afrique Centrale


To defend the rights of persons with disabilities in five countries of Central Africa. The grantee will train civil society leaders and organize a number of major events and sponsor radio and television programs. The grantee will undertake several advocacy initiatives in each country and release a report on the participation of disabled persons in elections in Central Africa.

Denouncing Human Rights Abuses and Restoring Democratic Space in Central Africa

Reseau des Defenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Centrale


To enhance the capacity of young human rights defenders to play their role effectively throughout Central Africa. The organization will first train these defenders on investigation and protection techniques, and then deploy them on missions to unstable regions of Cameroon and Eastern Congo. The grantee will also publish a human rights index and organize a conference to present its findings from human rights investigative mission

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