Building a Regional Network of Student Activists

Southern African Students Union


To strengthen the ability of student activists to contribute peacefully and effectively to policy reform, and to improve cross-border solidarity among student movements in Southern Africa. The union will convene student leaders from 12 countries for a series of workshops and forums to share experiences, provide leadership and policy development training, and identify lasting policy solutions to shared challenges.

Political Party Strengthening Institute (PPSI)

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To enhance political parties’ ability to identify and address organizational challenges through peer-to-peer learning and promote political party initiatives on organizational reform and citizen disengagement in Southern Africa. Using its Blueprint for 21st Century Parties: Reflect, Reform, Reengage, the institute will convene political party leaders from the region to take part in the fourth and fifth Political Party Strengthening Institutes and will provide technical assistance to support political party renewal.

Strengthening Political Parties through Capacity Building and Regional Party Exchange

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen political parties in the Southern Africa region. The institute will work with democratically minded parties to improve their technical capacity for election monitoring and better equip them to advocate for meaningful electoral reforms aimed at leveling the playing field of political competition. The institute will share lessons learned and build learning networks among peers in the region by conducting technical study tours, hosting a regional conference, and providing targeted capacity building workshops for specific parties to respond to opportunities that arise.

Strengthening Regional Advocacy for Media Freedom in Southern Africa

Media Alliance of Zimbabwe


To promote an enabling environment for independent media and freedom of expression in Southern Africa and to encourage national and regional institutions to reaffirm their commitments to uphold media freedom and the rule of law. The alliance will contribute to the creation of a regional network of multi-sector media stakeholders, advise the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) election observation teams, and develop a policy framework for SADC on the role of the media in democratic processes.

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