Building a Regional Coalition to Defend Freedom of Expression and Access to Information

Media Alliance of Zimbabwe


To strengthen regional coordination towards reinforcing democratic norms and institutions protecting freedom of expression and access to information in Southern Africa. This project will establish a regional network that will advocate for policies to counter threats to independent media and freedom of expression. The network will be developed through a consultative process and a research report that will leverage varying experiences of media experts from across the region. Additionally, the organization will continue to advise the Southern African Development Community on the implementation of media reforms in the region.

Building Youth Agency in Southern Africa

Youth Forum Zimbabwe


To strengthen the ability of youth activists in Southern Africa to coordinate advocacy and participate in political processes. The program will result in the formalization of a regional network of youth organizations that will collaborate on joint campaigns targeting national and regional decision-making bodies, including the Southern African Development Community. A second tier of the project will bring together youth activists in Zimbabwe with influential community leaders across political and generational divides to coordinate anti-corruption efforts and promote democratic reforms.

Strengthening Political Parties Through Regional Party Exchange And Capacity Building

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support political parties in Southern Africa. The institute will work with democratically minded parties to share lessons learned and reinforce the established learning network of political party actors in the region. The institute will work to improve the capacity of political parties to formulate effective electoral strategies and be more responsive to citizen needs through issue-based policy and good governance practices.

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