Cultural Understanding as a Tool for Peacebuilding and Social Cohesion

Partners West Africa


To strengthen the capacity of community leaders to engage in peacebuilding efforts and act as key peace actors. The organization will strengthen the capacity of community leaders on the use of indigenous approaches to resolving disputes and promoting reconciliation. The grantee will encourage women to use arts to promote trust across ethnic lines. The organization will also use sports to promote harmony and encourage youth to become force for positive change. It will further organize music contest to instill in students the values of peaceful coexistence.

Enhancing Election Observation in West Africa

Ghana Center for Democratic Development


To identify and advance best practices for election observations, and enhance collaboration among civil society observation groups to strengthen electoral integrity in West Africa. The organization will work throughout the region to assess the challenges confronting observation missions, including challenges posed by technology, disinformation, and litigation. It will then develop new observation guidelines to improve electoral outcomes. The grantee will work to improve regional civil society collaboration, and to improve civil society coordination with the Economic Community of West African States and electoral management bodies.

Enhancing Women’s Political Participation for Inclusive Governance

Gender Centre for Empowering Development


To empower young women with the democratic knowledge, skills, and mentoring needed to participate in politics in West Africa. The organization will sustain and expand its young women’s political leadership school to equip young women to participate in party politics. It will assist these women in launching gender equality campaigns and hosting inter-party debates.  The organization will advocate for the adoption and implementation of an Economic Community of West African States gender strategy document for political party engagement throughout the region.

Mano River Young Women’s Leadership Program

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To support young women in the Mano River region who face similar challenges in engaging with or advancing within political parties. The institute will organize an ‘Emerging Women’s Political Leadership Academy’ with the aim to enhance the leadership, political organizing, and networking skills of emerging young women political leaders in the Mano River region.

Music as a Messenger of Democracy

Yiaga Africa Initiative


To establish a working group of musicians deeply committed to democratic consolidation to counter anti-democracy narratives, spark next generation civic engagement, and build democratic solidarity among West African civil society. The organization will convene a meeting of musicians and activists to discuss sustainable movement building, musicians’ roles in democratic transitions, and strategies for cross border collaboration. These participants will develop a music album aimed at generating discussions on democracy with the broader public. The organization will also conduct a democracy song competition to inculcate democratic values among youth.

Political Party Strengthening Institute

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To increase West African political parties’ abilities to identify and address common challenges, the institute will host two peer-to-peer learning sessions where it will employ its Blueprint for 21st Century Parties: Reflect, Reform, Re-engage (Triple R Blueprint). The program will assist party reform champions in leading organizational reforms through initiatives that will address party challenges.

Promoting Worker Rights, Gender Equality, and a Regional Voice for Working People

Solidarity Center (SC)


To build the capacity of its West African union partners, the center will expand the scope of their ability to organize, represent, and mobilize informal sector workers; promote gender equality by mobilizing Nigerian unions to take action against gender-based violence in workplaces; strengthen the Organization of West African Trade Union Confederation to exercise its role as labor’s regional voice at the Economic Community of West African States, and support national labor movements in demanding compliance with labor-related commitments adopted within it.

Strengthening and Institutionalizing Youth Leadership to Build Socioeconomic Resilience in the Sahel

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To enhance community resilience to the socioeconomic drivers of violent conflict, the institute will build the capacity of the Regional Youth Council to lead local economic empowerment activities in partnership with the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat an institutionalized youth consultative network that formally incorporates youth perspectives into its policy formation process.

West African Young Women in Politics Forum

Gender Centre for Empowering Development


To promote intergenerational solidarity among women political leaders and strengthen women’s political participation in West Africa. The organization will develop a campaign aimed at addressing barriers to young women’s political leadership and participation. The campaign will include an intergenerational dialogue on avenues for overcoming barriers to women’s political participation. Participants in this dialogue will work to cultivate a new generation of leaders by mentoring teenage girls in political engagement. Radio and social media programs will complement these initiatives.

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