Engaging Youth to Advocate for Accountability and Good Governance

Citizen Voice and Actions


To engage youth in the decision-making process and empower them to advocate for accountability and good governance. The organization will host monthly school debates to discuss governance and public policies that will accompany an awareness raising campaign on good governance. The grantee will host roundtables on including youth issues in national policies. Finally, they will host a capacity-building workshop for youth on advocacy skills, leadership, and reinforcing democratic principles.

Monitoring Human Rights and Advocating for the Respect of Democratic Principles

Ligue des Droits de la Personne dans la Region des Grands Lacs


To monitor and report on human, civil, and political rights violations in Rwanda. The organization will deploy human rights observers who will document the state of human rights in Rwanda. In addition, the group will report on the implementation of recommendations from the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of human rights in Rwanda.  The partner will share their reports with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of their findings and of the challenges encountered.

Promoting Access to Justice

Rwanda Bridges to Justice


To encourage popular and institutional support for improved access to justice and the prevention of torture. The grantee will increase the capacity and willingness of young lawyers to defend the rights of the most vulnerable Rwandans and provide legal support for defendants. It will also promote criminal justice reform through a series of task force meetings with young lawyers and roundtables with justice sector officials.

Promoting Citizen Participation and Democratic Governance

Organisation For Peace and Development


To promote citizen participation and democratic governance in Rwanda, the organization will first engage local authorities to establish areas of agreement and encourage participation in their workshops. The grantee will then hold a series of meetings with citizens from various districts to discuss constitutional rights, the responsibilities of citizens, and the obligations of the state. Finally, the organization will host workshops on peace and good governance and broadcast quarterly radio debates on these topics.

Promoting Freedom of Expression, Association, and Assembly for Sexual Minorities

Human Rights First Rwanda Association


To build a network of human rights defenders to advocate for the freedom of expression and association of sexual minorities in Rwanda, the grantee will host quarterly meetings with LGBTQ organizations to coordinate messaging and improve collaboration. The organization will host advocacy trainings and engage journalists and CSOs to advocate for sexual minorities in the country. Finally, the organization will provide legal aid to high-profile cases of unlawful discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

Promoting Youth Engagement on Human Rights Issues

Ejo Youth Echo


To raise awareness of human rights among Rwandan youth and train journalists to better cover human rights issues. The organization will build the capacity of journalists to advocate for human rights, and to use video and social media in order to reach wider audiences. The partner will also assess Rwandan youth’s knowledge of human rights issues, and focus its radio programming on the gaps identified. Finally, the grantee will discuss its radio programming and foster dialogue around human rights issues with youth.

Supporting Human Rights Defenders and Promoting Freedom of Expression

Syndicat des Travailleurs aux Services des Droits Humains


To strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) in Rwanda to promote freedom of expression and opinion. The organization will train HRDs on advocacy and networking skills. The partner will also continue to monitor, document, and report civil, political, and human rights violations targeting HRDs and journalists during the 2019 electoral period. The group will encourage journalists and HRDs to produce articles aiming to promote human rights values, and it will provide support to human rights defenders through advocacy efforts.

Supporting the Teachers’ Union in the Promotion of Human Rights

Conseil National des Organisations Syndicales Libres au Rwanda


To promote human and workers’ rights in Rwanda. The grantee will carry out training curriculum for teachers, school administrators, union members, and local officials in four rural districts. The participants will learn to understand, respect, and defend human and workers’ rights and share this knowledge with fellow teachers. The organization will hold capacity-building trainings for teachers’ union leaders.

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