Advocating for Transparency and Accountability in Post-Election Sierra Leone

Society for Democratic Initiatives


To improve transparency and accountability in Sierra Leone. The organization will produce and publish reports on government contracts and the state of the media, and conduct a general public awareness campaign on how laws relate to effective service delivery and local governance through interactive radio programs, television talk shows, and newspaper advertisements. The grantee will also bring together lawyers from the continent to share ideas and their experience of shrinking space for civil society in other African countries.

Community Action for Accountable Governance After the Elections

Media Foundation for Peace and Development


To increase public engagement in the political process and to encourage accountability among elected officials, the organization will conduct a civic education campaign. Through a series of radio programs and public dialogue sessions, the grantee will educate citizens on political engagement and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that will empower citizens with knowledge to keep their elected officials accountable following the results of the March 2018 elections.

Enhancing Press Freedom and Legislative Reforms of Media Laws

Media Reform Coordinating Group


To promote media freedom and accountability. The organization will engage in advocacy meetings with journalists, government, and civil society to encourage media reform, including libel law reform. The grantee will also organize dialogue forums on media policy between elected officials, civil society, and journalists. To support greater citizen engagement on the media reform process, the grantee will conduct a radio and television based media literacy campaign. The organization will also mentor and train journalists to ensure that best practices are being followed.

Informed Citizens for an Accountable Government

Campaign for Good Governance


To strengthen parliamentarian accountability and promote citizen engagement. The grantee will conduct a series of public opinion surveys on the efficacy of members of Parliament (MPs), and gauge the extent to which MPs fulfilled their duties. Trainings for marginalized groups on advocacy will empower them to better communicate their needs to their elected officials. The grantee will also organize monthly briefings between citizens and MPs to encourage dialogue among them. Finally, monthly press briefings will highlight key laws and policies being discussed in Parliament.

Mobilizing Youth Participation in Local Governance



To promote citizen participation in demanding accountable and democratic local governance in four districts. The organization will sensitize young people about their civic responsibilities, holding local authorities accountable in decision making, and working constructively and collaboratively with local councils. The grantee will train youth community leaders and local government officials on their roles and responsibilities outlined in the local government act, and promote the participation of youth in local governance processes through a sensitization campaign.

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