Community Action for Accountable Governance after the Elections

Media Foundation for Peace and Development


To strengthen youth engagement to hold elected leaders accountable to their electoral promises. The organization will host a series of dialogues between citizens and elected officials on transparency, accountability, and the importance of youth political participation. The grantee will produce a series of skits and interactive radio programs on similar topics as well as peaceful conflict resolution techniques.

Enhancing Press Freedom and Legislative Reforms of Media Laws

Media Reform Coordinating Group – Sierra Leone


To advocate for the repeal of criminal libel laws and strengthen freedom of information. The grantee will hold trainings on the existing libel law and the challenges it presents for journalists. Then the grantee will organize workshops to draft a framework for a revised civil libel law as an alternative to existing legislation and organize two public hearings to help journalists understand existing accountability mechanisms and ways to report harassment. Throughout the project, the grantee will monitor the extent of media freedom in the country.

Promoting Youth Participation in Local Governance and Social Cohesion Initiatives



To promote youth participation in demanding accountable and democratic local governance and preventing violence. The organization will host a series of interactive dialogues on local governance and the importance of peace. Afterward, a series of committees will track political developments to keep elected leaders accountable for their promises. The grantee will also produce posters and radio programs on similar topics.

Using Civic Education to Promote Women’s Participation in Local Governance

SKYY Women’s World Network


To support the inclusion of women and youth in local governance practices and encourage civic engagement. The grantee will host a training of trainers workshop on the importance of women and youth’s political participation. Capacity development workshops will discuss democratic governance challenges while the subsequent dialogue sessions will allow participants to voice their concerns with elected officials. A series of radio programs will educate citizens about the ills of corruption and the importance of civic engagement.

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