Advocating for Inclusive and Accountable Electoral Processes in Somalia

Somali Innovation and Development Organization


To enhance the capacity of marginalized communities to participate in political processes in Somalia. The organization will facilitate workshops on the Somali constitutional review process and universal suffrage for women, youth, and representatives of minority clans ahead of the 2020 elections, and will connect civil society and human rights actors to champion citizen access to political processes.

Engaging Citizens for Better Governance

Kaalo Aid and Development


To strengthen citizens’ roles in political and electoral processes, and in promoting accountable decision making. The organization will integrate citizens, particularly women and youth, in Puntland’s MP selection process by conducting public forums, developing a citizens’ manifesto, holding town hall meetings, and organizing trainings on parliamentary procedure and budget analysis.

Engaging the Justice Sector for the Promotion of Human Rights in Galmudug

Mudug Peace and Human Development Organization


To enhance the rule of law in Galmudug through human rights education for police and judicial officials. The grantee will organize trainings in major districts to train public officials on governance, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and rule of law.   They will also identify examples of human rights violations in Galmudug and discuss the role of law enforcement and judicial personnel in preventing identified violations.

Enhancing Community Security through Youth Engagement and Community Dialogue

Kismayo University


To enhance community security in Jubaland, Somalia. The grantee will engage youth through dialogue forums and a multimedia campaign, and will work with radio stations, public officials, and community leaders to expand the scope of its work. Topics of discussion will include positive community policing, communities of peace, the role of social media, and the importance of role models among youth and older persons.

Promoting a Culture of Democratic Governance

Somali Family Services


To enhance Somali citizens’ understanding of democracy, rule of law, good governance, human rights, and peacebuilding through independent radio programming and enhance the political influence and civic engagement of Puntland’s citizens. The organization will receive core support for its community media outlet, Radio Sahan, and will broadcast programming that targets marginalized communities, women, youth, and decision-makers.

Promoting Citizen Participation in Political Processes in Puntland

HAYAAN Institute for Research And Policy


To enhance public awareness of and advocacy for greater accountability in Puntland’s political processes; to strengthen traditional elders’ capacities to select members of Puntland’s House of Representatives in a transparent and representative manner; and to improve government officials’ ability to carry out their roles and responsibilities. The grantee will engage citizens through civic education and public forums to advocate for accountable MP selection. It will also train traditional elders tasked with selecting MPs and support local officials on their accountability-related functions.  

Promoting Democracy and Human Rights through Independent Media

Radio Baidoa


To enhance local communities’ understanding of democracy and human rights and promote respect for independent media and freedom of expression. The grantee will broadcast daily news and present on-air panels on human rights, civic engagement, freedom of expression, good governance, and other local concerns. It will produce investigative programs and broadcast daily public service announcements on human rights and democracy.

Promoting Media Sustainability in Puntland

Media Association of Puntland


To enhance the sustainability of the independent media sector in Puntland by building the capacities of female journalists. The grantee will organize trainings on newsroom management and election reporting for female journalists ahead of the 2019 parliamentary elections. The organization will also hold an induction meeting and training for its new board members and existing staff.

The Ideology of Democracy

Voice of Democracy Radio Xamar


To promote objective, independent, and credible information in building a democratic society. The grantee will conduct a weekly talk show and hold live panel discussions on the rule of law, freedom of expression, human rights, and good governance. It will work with a local theater group to develop comedy routines that focus on the importance of democratic development and will broadcast daily public service announcements on the project’s main themes.

Voices for Democracy, Good Governance and Accountability

Radio Daljir


To promote human rights for Somali women and girls, and public accountability and personal responsibility in the broader public. The organization will broadcast programs and public service announcements on gender-based violence, accountability, and personal responsibility. It will conduct a staff capacity building training and produce radio dramatizations on leadership, good governance, and the Somali constitution to promote policies that protect and enhance the lives of women in Somalia.

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