Advocating for Inclusive and Accountable Electoral Processes in Somalia II

Somali Innovation and Development Organization


To strengthen the capacities of minority clan communities in Somalia to advocate for and participate in electoral processes. The organization will train minority clan representatives to identify their priorities, develop advocacy strategies, and organize among themselves to advocate for universal suffrage prior to the 2020/21 electoral transition in Somalia.

Democracy and Human Rights Radio

Radio Baidoa


To improve citizen understanding of and advocacy toward improved governance and human rights in Somalia. The organization will conduct public service announcements, radio programs, and community dialogues in South West State. The goal of the organization’s programming will be to promote democratic values and increased citizen participation in political processes.

Engaging the Justice Sector for the Promotion of Human Rights in Galmudug II

Mudug Peace and Human Development Organization


To enhance the rule of law in Galmudug through human rights education for police and judicial officials. The organization will train representatives of the police force, judicial corps, and judiciary on human rights and rule of law in an effort to instill a culture of accountability within their ranks.

Enhancing Media Coverage of Governance Developments in Puntland

Media Association of Puntland


To strengthen media coverage of governance and political developments in Puntland. The organization will build relationships between journalists and members of the new Puntland House of Representatives.  The organization will also strengthen media capacity to report on parliamentary and judicial developments by conducting trainings for journalists from Bari, Mudug, Nugaal, Sanaag, and Sool.

Enhancing Public Ownership in the Security Debate

Hiraal Institute


To increase government responsiveness to citizen input in security sector decision-making. The organization will conduct primary research identifying local grievances in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Bosaso, Dhusamareb, Jowhar, and Kismayo. It will also conduct public forums and develop reports with policy recommendations on how to integrate citizen priorities into security policymaking.

Facilitating Public Participation in Building Democracy in Puntland

Somali Institute for Development and Research Analysis


To engage Puntlanders in strengthening democratic governance and accountability through public awareness and advocacy. The organization will organize a series of community debates and engage citizens in greater advocacy to government officials, political process monitoring, and awareness raising in five regions throughout the state. The organization will also share citizen priorities with parliamentarians and other public officials.

Promoting Accountability



To improve accountability in Somalia’s federal institutions through greater public engagement and advocacy. The organization will develop a mobile application through which to monitor incidents of bribery and corruption. It will also publish quarterly and annual reports to draw public attention to its findings, and host quarterly meetings to encourage advocacy for greater accountability.

Promoting Accountable and Responsive Governance

Somali Family Services


To enhance citizens’ understanding of democratic values and governance developments in Puntland. The organization will provide independent, balanced reporting on governance developments and promote citizen participation in Puntland. It will develop programming related to political and social developments, governance, and voter education through call-in shows and discussion programs.

Promoting Democratization through Dialogue on Somalia’s Transitional Agenda

Sahan Foundation


To provide a platform for political leaders and civil society stakeholders to support the formation of a credible federal electoral process. The organization will conduct structured dialogue with representatives of federal member states supported by key civil society facilitators toward the impending 2020/21 electoral process.

Strengthening Democratic Processes in Puntland

HAYAAN Institute for Research And Policy


To enhance institutional mechanisms and citizen support for Puntland’s democratization process prior to the 2020/21 transition. The organization will host a series of public forums, and television and radio programs, to build public awareness of and advocacy for credible elections. It will also strengthen the Transitional Puntland Election Commission’s capacity to deliver those polls.

Voices for Democracy, Good Governance, and Accountability

Radio Daljir


To promote democracy, accountability, and human rights through independent radio in Somalia. The organization will conduct weekly programming regarding political developments, women and girls’ rights, and opportunities for citizen participation in public life. It will also produce a series of public service announcements to disseminate positive social messages and demand accountability from political leaders.

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