2018 Somaliland Media Summit and Awke Media Awards

Somaliland Journalists Association

Supplement: $11,160

To establish an environment where access to information is respected and enforced. The organization will organize the third annual Somaliland Media Summit and honor ten journalists with the Awke Media Award in recognition of their contributions to reporting on critical political and social developments in the region.

Improving the Role of Media in Democratic Participation and Policy Formation

United Trust Associations


To address the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities for the media sector in Somaliland and promote independent radio and freedom of expression. The organization will hold capacity building trainings for media practitioners and work in a coalition to develop a national media conference. It will conduct advocacy on freedom of expression through strategic engagement with citizens and democratic institutions.

Promoting and Defending Human Rights in Somaliland

Human Rights Center


To support government and citizen engagement in the promotion of human rights in Somaliland. The grantee will document human rights abuses, advocate for the appointment of female judges, and organize trainings on improving accountability and rule of law. It will also host events to commemorate International Women’s Day, International Day of Democracy, and Human Rights Day.

Promoting Democratic Values through the Arts

Redsea Cultural Foundation


To promote freedom of expression and democratic values in Somaliland. The grantee will organize cultural events, writing trainings, and a book fair with writers, artists, and journalists to discuss the future of democratic development in Somaliland and the region. The organization will also publish books and a quarterly literary magazine.

Strengthening Democracy by Promoting Freedom of Expression

Somaliland Youth Voluntary Organization


To encourage civic and political participation among journalists and youth to advocate for freedom of expression and increase social awareness of fundamental human rights. The organization will conduct advocacy forums for youth, journalists, and other stakeholders on freedom of expression, organize youth dialogues on freedom of expression and independent radio, convene candidate forums to encourage dialogue with youth and produce four issues of its youth-focused newsletter.

Strengthening the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Media in Somaliland

Somaliland Journalists Association


To promote a democratic and accountable organization and fight the persecution of journalists. The organization will conduct advocacy to counter the persecution of journalists and promote broader support and understanding of the role of independent media. It will also hold workshops for journalists on media ethics and will work toward developing an independent media council.

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