Building the Bridge between Home and the Diaspora through Independent Media

Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project


To promote independent media and counter disinformation in South Sudan. The organization will expand its online news reporting and moderate an online forum to provide a space for constructive dialogue between South Sudanese at home and in the diaspora to promote inter-ethnic peace and combat hate speech.

Citizen Engagement in Governance and Peacebuilding

Community Empowerment for Rehabilitation and Development


To combat the problem of youth turning to violence, promote their political engagement, expand the dissemination of critical information, and enhance the role of traditional leaders. The organization will conduct cultural events, undertake safe neighborhood campaigns, convene forums for traditional leaders, and organize constituency dialogues and a youth conference.

Enhancing Peace and Justice through Traditional and Religious Institutions

Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance


To enhance collaboration between civil society, religious institutions, and traditional leaders to promote accountability and strengthen local inter-religious and traditional peace and reconciliation mechanisms. The organization will train and partner with religious and traditional authorities to document human rights abuses and conflict trends, advocate for increased protections for victims and witnesses, and develop peace process recommendations. The group also will continue to monitor and document human rights violations.

Women for Sustainable Peace

Centre for Democracy and Development


To diffuse ethnic tensions and promote coexistence among South Sudanese refugees and host communities in refugee camps in Uganda. The organization will facilitate inter-ethnic peace dialogues with women and youth leaders, organize theater performances that showcase respect for ethnic diversity, and conduct radio talk shows that highlight refugee rights and responsibilities in Uganda.

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