Citizen Engagement in Governance and Peacebuilding

Community Empowerment for Rehabilitation and Development


To combat the problem of youth turning to violence, promote their political engagement, expand the dissemination of critical information, and enhance the role of traditional leaders. The organization will conduct cultural events, undertake safe neighborhood campaigns, convene forums for traditional leaders, organize constituency dialogues, and hold a youth conference.

Promoting Civic Engagement

Advance South Sudan


To promote civic engagement and peaceful coexistence among communities in South Sudan. The organization will facilitate inter-generational peace dialogues and exchange visits with members of the community and youth leaders, organize theater performances that showcase respect for ethnic diversity, and conduct radio talk shows that highlight citizens’ rights and responsibilities.

Unifying a Civil Society Agenda

South Sudanese Network for Democracy and Elections


To coordinate a joint civil society agenda for the peace process in South Sudan. The organization will bring together civil society, faith-based groups, and professional associations from each of the former ten states to coordinate engagement in the peace process. A reform agenda will be produced and participants will disseminate it throughout each state to promote unified positions during process implementation.

Women for Sustainable Peace

Centre for Democracy and Development


To build the capacity of women to participate in peace processes and contribute to sustainable development, and to connect communities’ recommendations for peace to political decision-makers. The organization will provide good governance and conflict resolution training to women leaders and host a conference for women from different counties to share experiences and strategize together.

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