SUDAN 2018

‘Success in a Changing World’ Sudan National Campaign Phase 2

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the capacity of youth to cultivate an enlightened approach to Islam, democracy, pluralism and universal human, political, and civil rights in Sudan, and to increase their civic participation. The project’s activities will reinforce its national campaign on youth engagement through organizing trainings and establishing Success Clubs and Success Radio in Sudan’s 18 states.

Building Bridges with New Media in Sudan

Freedom of Information


To increase awareness among Sudanese of current events in war-torn South Kordofan, and to promote understanding between the population of Khartoum and South Kordofan. Films produced by local journalists will be screened and used to facilitate community discussion sessions in both parts of the country as a way to encourage citizens to advocate on behalf of all disenfranchised Sudanese.

Building Youth Participation in the Political Process

Political Processes


To strengthen youth participation in national and local political processes and advance a national dialogue. The project activities will include youth trainings on policy development and leadership for selected individuals from Sudan’s 18 states,  monthly policy forums on timely political, security, economic, and social issues, and monitoring efforts of state-level network activities.

Empowering Women to Prevent Violent Extremism in Sudan

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen community resilience to violent extremism in at-risk communities in Sudan. The organization will train and empower women to speak credibly to counter radical narratives, engage local communities about the dangers of radicalism and violent extremism, and develop counter messaging campaigns.

Empowering Youth and Women in West Kordofan

Civic Education


To educate citizens about political participation, conflict resolution, and human rights, and to empower youth and women leaders to increase their roles in decision-making processes. The project activities include providing advocacy and leadership trainings, organizing community policy forums, holding interactive theater performances, and broadcasting messages on women’s and youth’s political participation on local radio stations.

Expanding Regional Peace and Reconciliation in Darfur (Phase III)

Conflict Resolution


To empower women IDP returnees to South Darfur to engage local indigenous and government authorities on security and service provision needs. The organization will conduct a series of workshops and town hall meetings that will focus on addressing community needs and promoting coexistence. The organization will continue to support local peace committees that acts as a bridge between local leaders and community members.

Forging Social Change 2: Reclaiming Culture for the Development of the Sudanese Nation

Civic Education


To counter racism and foster a sense of collective national identity in Sudan. The organization will publish a magazine for young people, organize participatory theatre shows, dialogues, and journalist trainings to raise awareness of the magazine’s themes to increase respect for ethnic diversity and promote peaceful coexistence.

Linking Nuba Communities and Strengthening Their Voices through Community Radio

Freedom of Information


To increase access of information to communities in the Nuba Mountains and to increase youth and women’s engagement in radio programming. The project will train radio staff to develop and deliver programs and establish mentorships for youth and women presenters.

Preventing Violent Extremism through Youth Engagement

Conflict Resolution


To support increased civic engagement, nonviolent democratic transformation, and counter extremist narratives among youth. The project will include trainings for students and teachers on how to organize university peace clubs to counter extremism and promote peace and cultural and religious tolerance. It will also include youth dialogues and artistic forums to provide opportunities where youth can discuss political and social reforms.

Strengthening the Capacity of Independent Bar Associations to Challenge Human Rights Violations

Rule of Law


To strengthen the technical capacity of lawyers to challenge human rights violations. The organization will facilitate training and advocacy missions to the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to foster the capacity of the lawyers to effectively engage in formal legal processes and conduct public advocacy. The organization also will train lawyers on how to present legal challenges to public order law violations.

Sudan Transparency Initiative

Accountability and Governance


To increase the capacity of and develop a nationwide network of communities and civil society organizations to raise awareness of and counter-corruption in Sudan. Project activities include conducting trainings to raise awareness of and counter local corruption issues, building a national network of existing anti-corruption civil society, professional associations and community organizations to tackle countrywide corruption concerns; and conducting research and issuing public reports.

Supporting Freedom of the Press

Freedom of Information


To support freedom of the press and freedom of speech in Sudan. The organization will produce an online newspaper as it reports on sensitive issues, expands its social media presence, publishes in English, and hires additional staff. Project activities will also include the production of an online political talk show.

Supporting Human Rights Defenders and Facilitating Dialogue for Marginalized Groups

Human Rights


To advance the capacity of lawyers to defend victims of human rights violations, to document ongoing human rights abuses, and to empower Sudan’s marginalized communities. The project activities will include providing legal aid to human rights defenders, documenting human rights abuses, and organizing and building the capacity of groups from Sudan’s conflict areas to engage in policies to shape democratic change.

Supporting Women’s Rights in South and West Darfur States

Human Rights


To support women’s rights and increased women’s political participation in South and West Darfur. Project activities will include training artists to incorporate the concepts of women’s rights, political rights, and political participation in performances for displaced women.

Tomorrow’s Leaders of Sudan

Political Processes


To strengthen youth participation in political processes. Youth leadership trainings will be provided to selected individuals in River Nile State. The program will also strengthen a nationwide network of politically and socially active youth to engage in key national issues, including the National Dialogue and the 2020 elections.

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