#ChangeTanzania Public Engagement Program

Change Tanzania Limited


To enhance government accountability in Tanzania through enhanced citizen engagement and the promotion of free expression. The organization will carry out an online campaign aimed at promoting citizen participation, accountability, and transparency using social media, and will use these citizen voices to engage with policymakers on accountable governance and freedom of expression.

Improving Democracy, Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Tanzania

Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers


To strengthen the capacity of legal aid providers to advocate for access to justice in poor and marginalized communities in Tanzania. The organization will work with legal aid organizations to enhance citizens’ access to quality legal representation and legal literacy and will convene a task force of legal aid providers and justice institutions.

Jua Katiba Tanzania-Know the Constitution

Tanzania Bora Initative


To promote understanding on access to information, governing processes, and civic space. The organization will recruit and train young artists to develop their skills in transformative arts. This initiative will focus the attention on how artists can convey stories about governance and the variety of rights enshrined in the constitution.

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