Facilitating Youth Participation in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization


To facilitate civil society collaboration in Zanzibar. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for youth leaders on how best to comply with the legal framework to promote their rights. It will also organize opportunities for them to advocate to government officials and discuss how the two groups can work collaboratively.

Nguvu Ya Tano (Power of Five)

Tanzania Bora Initative


To expand young people’s participation in political and electoral processes in Tanzania. The organization will conduct targeted civic education campaigns, develop audio and video public service announcements with voter education information, and host a youth dialogue to facilitate greater youth participation in the 2019 and 2020 electoral processes in Tanzania. During the youth dialogue, participants will develop and sign onto an action plan to raise political awareness among young people and advocate for their shared priorities. The organization will also release a series of political cartoons featuring messages about voting and civic participation.

Online Parliamentary Forum

Tangible Initiatives For Local Development Tanzania


To promote citizen oversight and issue-based accountability in Tanzania. The organization will develop an online platform through which citizens can follow parliamentary proceedings, communicate directly with MPs, and discuss political developments in the country. The organization will also publish a report assessing parliamentary effectiveness in carrying out its legislative functions and representative responsibilities.

Promoting and Protecting Free Expression

Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers


To strengthen state and civil society collaboration on legislation addressing free expression and association through policy engagement and capacity-building. The organization will conduct trainings on legal implications of new legislation with government officials, legal aid providers, the media, and police.

Promoting Transparent and Accountable Governance

NGO Strengthening


To support the technical and operational capacities of the organization to provide a platform for free expression and citizen oversight of governance in Tanzania. The organization will strengthen its core operations and internal capacities, and retain access to its office. The organization will also continue to operate its web platform and manage technical challenges.

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