TOGO 2018

Defending Citizens’ Right to Campaign for Democratic Reforms

Ligue Togolaise des Droits de l’Homme


To encourage citizens to campaign for democratic reforms. The grantee will provide legal aid and counseling to a limited number of victims of repression in four cities. In addition to training local activists and investigating human rights abuses, the grantee will visit political detainees and refugees, and publish two reports on the overall human rights situation in the country.

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decentralization and Local Governance

Plateforme Citoyenne Justice et Verite


To promote greater citizen involvement in local governance. The grantee will train several local authorities, community leaders, and activists on a variety of topics related to decentralization. In addition to organizing town hall meetings and engaging local authorities on a regular basis, the grantee will undertake an exchange trip and launch an awareness campaign covering Togo’s five regions.

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