TOGO 2019

Creating a Public Opinion Barometer

Collectif des Associations Contre l’Impunite au Togo


To promote accountability. The organization will host a webinar to discuss existing citizen survey tools, prepare survey questions, and create an interactive online platform to track campaign promises. After a training on data collection methodology, a team of civil society activists, journalists, and citizen volunteers will gather opinions on governance, development, and other topics and publish the findings in reports. After the reports are validated, follow up advocacy meetings with local authorities will be held to ensure the government is accountable to citizen needs.

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decentralization and Local Governance

Plateforme Citoyenne Justice et Verite


To encourage citizens to engage in participatory governance initiatives and contribute to the effective implementation of decentralization in their communities. The organization will train newly elected officials on their roles and responsibilities as well as the decentralization process. The organization will also train citizens on candidate promise tracking and establish committees to monitor progress on those promises. Finally, the organization will distribute simplified versions of the decentralization process and host radio programs on decentralization.

Monitoring and Documenting Human Rights Violations

Actions des Chretiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture – Togo (ACAT Togo)


To monitor and document human rights violations. The organization will host a training on human rights monitoring strategies and documentation techniques. After the training, the participants will embark on a nine-month monitoring mission. A team will be trained to catalog incidents in a database and to share the observation mission findings in reports and radio programs. The organization will host a training on how to best support victims of human rights violations and provide free legal aid for select cases.

 Supporting Human Rights and Preventing Police Violence

Ligue Togolaise des Droits de l’Homme


To document and reduce police violence, inhumane treatment, and torture against civilians. The grantee will conduct a monitoring mission to document instances of human rights violations by security forces. The grantee will publish these findings in order to hold those responsible to account. In addition, the grantee will host training sessions, radio programs, and distribute guides to increase awareness of the rights afforded to citizens under Togolese law, as well as the proper judicial procedures to follow in cases of human rights violations.

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