Citizens’ Initiative for Police Reform

Facilitation for Peace and Development


To promote an ethical, accountable, and transparent security sector. The organization will conduct an analysis on reforming the police force and develop a series of policy recommendations for advocacy. The grantee will facilitate the establishment of a national forum for retired police officers and will work closely with its civil society partners as well as with members of parliament who are committed to reform.

Parliament Watch

Centre for Policy Analysis


To enhance the transparency, accountability, and responsiveness of the Ugandan parliament. The grantee will provide consistent information and analysis on legislative, budgetary, and accountability processes and procedures through its web portal and social media sites. The organization will also organize online dialogue sessions on contentious policy issues and produce public policy briefs that seek to promote meaningful citizen engagement in legislative processes, with a focus on youth participation.

Promoting Active Citizenship

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative


To promote awareness of civic rights and participation in political processes. The organization will utilize new and traditional media as well as community dialogues to challenge narrowing civic space and passive political participation. Through a multimedia campaign and citizen advocacy forums, the grantee will develop a reform agenda as the basis of its grassroots engagement and advocacy.

Safeguarding Democratic Space Through Dialogue And Debate

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To help safeguard pockets of democratic space in Uganda through dialogue and debate activities ahead of the 2019 district elections. The institute will provide an opportunity for citizens to identify community issues of concern, develop briefing materials on those community priorities for candidates and political parties, and support candidate debates that are moderated by trained facilitators and broadcast by radio.

Strengthening Citizen Participation in Campaign Finance Reforms

Alliance for Finance Monitoring


To promote transparency and accountability in Ugandan elections. The alliance will advocate for the adoption of strong campaign finance reform legislation. It will hold a national symposium and a youth convention with government institutions, civil society actors, and youth networks in order to build broad support for reform. The project will also monitor campaign financing in elections to help mobilize citizens against the commercialization of politics.

Strengthening Participation and Representation of Older People

HelpAge USA


To strengthen the political participation and representation of older Ugandans. The grantee will organize trainings that will build the capacity of the newly elected district and national representatives to represent the interests of their constituents and ensure that governance and economic concerns of older people are adequately addressed.

Supporting Independent Journalism and Free Expression

Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda


To strengthen the capacity of journalists to safely navigate the restrictive media environment in Uganda, the network will strengthen the institutional capacity of regional journalist associations and train media professionals to better understand the existing restrictions on media freedom, how to conduct their work safely, and how to seek out support when they come under attack. The network will organize community dialogues and a media campaign to promote freedom of expression and demand for greater press freedom.

Supporting Sexual Minorities’ Human Rights through Strategic Litigation

Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum


To promote non-discrimination and equality in Uganda, the organization will provide free legal aid services for sexual minorities, and strengthen the capacity of LGBTI organizations. The grantee seeks to promote incremental legal, policy, and societal changes that will empower sexual minorities and promote respect for their rights.

Youth Mentorship Program

Open Space Centre


To provide youth leaders with tools and platforms to participate meaningfully in Uganda’s upcoming elections. The organization will leverage its existing youth network to design and implement a training and mentoring program for young people interested in running for office, establish an online information service and media campaign, and host debate competitions and policy dialogues to encourage broader youth political participation.

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