Civil Society Constitution Agenda

Panos Institute Southern Africa Limited


To mobilize and coordinate citizen oversight over Zambia’s constitutional reform and implementation process. The grant will support the Civil Society Constitution Agenda movement to convene a national forum in order to conduct a constitutional analysis and generate recommendations, carry out a media awareness campaign to keep track of the government’s progress, and hold virtual dialogue platforms on mainstream and community radio stations to encourage maximum participation from citizens.

Defending Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Non-Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council


To promote respect for the rule of law and constitutionalism in Zambia. The organization will convene civil society actors and strengthen their capacity to collectively defend the constitution and campaign for the adoption of a national bill of rights. The organization will also strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders and lead joint advocacy campaigns and strategic litigation to defend freedom of expression and association.

Support to Human Rights Defenders

Law Association of Zambia


To support the work of human rights defenders and to raise awareness of the protections for human rights in Zambia’s constitution. The association will develop and carry out a training curriculum for lawyers and human rights activists. Participants will gain knowledge of the constitution and judicial system, techniques for mobilizing community and national-level advocacy campaigns, strategies for identifying and pursuing strategic litigation, and basic resources for protecting human rights defenders.

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