Advancing Anti-Corruption Efforts through Investigative Journalism

Information for Development Trust


To increase access to information and advocacy around public sector corruption in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. The organization will strengthen the capacity of journalists and civil society organizations to use investigative journalism to demand more accountable governance by training journalists, producing in-depth investigative reports, establishing a civil society taskforce to further drive anti-corruption efforts, pursuing legal advocacy to improve adherence to access to information standards, and convening a regional convention to explore cross-border collaboration on investigative journalism.

Advancing Peace, Justice, Dignity, and Development

Zimbabwe Peace Project


To support the newly formed National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) and to promote a broader strategy for achieving transitional justice in Zimbabwe. The organization will contribute to the National Transitional Justice Working Group’s efforts to ensure the NPRC is prioritized by the government and implemented according to the constitution. This will include compiling dossiers and testimonies of victims of human rights abuses to present to the NPRC, strengthening the capacity of victims to lead their own advocacy efforts, and launching a media awareness campaign.

Building a Democratic Society through Citizen Participation

Magamba Network


To strengthen the capacity of social movements to build a shared vision for a democratic Zimbabwe and mobilize citizen participation in governance. The network will provide resources and convening space to activists and build on its previous efforts to coordinate advocacy through creative media and the creation of a citizens’ manifesto. The project will support community outreach on the citizens’ manifesto, a national convention of social movements, capacity building for activists and support to emerging social campaigns.

Building Alliances for Participatory Democratic Processes in Zimbabwe

Freedom to the Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe


To strengthen the capacity of grassroots actors affected by arbitrary displacements and evictions to contribute to land reform efforts in Zimbabwe. The organization will support a network of twelve community-based organizations affected by arbitrary displacements to advocate for their rights, document human rights abuses in their communities, engage with lawmakers, and contribute to national policy reform efforts.

Building National Consensus on Transitional Justice

Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum


To support the work of the newly capacitated National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) and to promote a broader strategy for achieving transitional justice in Zimbabwe. The forum, in its capacity as the secretariat of the National Transitional Justice Working Group, will work alongside the Zimbabwe Peace Project to ensure the NPRC is prioritized by the government and rolled out according to the constitution, and will convene a national symposium to draft a national transitional justice policy.

Building the Foundations for a Democratic Transition


Supplement: $30,000

To equip reformers in and outside of government with the tools to drive democratic reforms. The organization will offer its legal and constitutional expertise to assist reformers in government, reach out to disparate protest groups to enhance and promote their policy demands, and contribute to election reform and voter education efforts. The organization will also distribute e-bulletins and maintain its online platform to monitor the electoral and constitutional implementation process.

Citizen Engagement in Natural Resource Governance

Centre for Research and Development


To promote policy reform and greater transparency in natural resource governance and to strengthen the capacity of community actors in resource-rich Manicaland Province to advocate for their socio-economic rights. The organization will use its unique access to the affected communities to facilitate dialogue between community actors and policymakers, carry out public expenditure tracking, publish policy briefs and human rights monitoring reports, and engage government and corporate actors to improve natural resource governance.

Empowering Grassroots Youth Leaders

Community Youth Development Trust


To promote youth leadership and political participation in Matabeleland South Province. The grantee will mentor local youth to take on leadership roles in politics and in their communities, establish district youth councils to connect youth to their local government structures and consistently follow up on their advocacy efforts, and train local government officials to be more responsive to their constituents. Its efforts will be coordinated with others working outside of Zimbabwe’s major cities to develop strategies

Empowering Marginalized Youth to Participate in Political Processes

Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development


To empower marginalized youth to participate in elections and lead advocacy to demand accountable local and national governance, the organization will conduct a voter mobilization and civic education campaign in Masvingo Province. Youth leaders will be trained to form voting clubs, disseminate voter and civic education information, hold their public officials accountable, and monitor the election environment as part of the nationwide Alliance of Community Based Organizations

Empowering Rural Youth to Promote Democracy and Accountable Governance

Youth Dialogue Zimbabwe


To empower youth in Manicaland Province to participate actively in political processes and promote accountable governance. The organization will encourage local youth to seek accountability from their leaders at the local and national level. It will conduct leadership trainings for its youth network, facilitate platforms for youth engagement with elected officials, train youth activists to create short documentary films, and host an activist film festival.

Enhancing Citizens’ Participation and Oversight over Electoral Processes

Zimbabwe Election Support Network


To encourage free, fair, credible, and peaceful elections. The organization will host a regional observer mission of 15 prominent democracy activists from the Southern African region who will observe and report on the election process and offer recommendations for reforms. To increase access to information and citizen participation in electoral processes, the organization will facilitate a series of political candidate debates on electoral reforms and processes around Zimbabwe’s 2018 general elections.

Enhancing the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights


To promote key reforms during Zimbabwe’s political transition. The organization will conduct technical research, trainings, and advocacy to promote legislation and policies that would protect freedom of expression, reform the police service, and clarify electoral rules and procedures. The organization will also provide trainings for its members and civil society partners to strengthen their skills and advocacy around the Cyber Crimes Bill and similar legislation that threatens to undermine freedom of expression.

Enhancing the Role of Youth in Electoral Processes

Zimbabwe Organisation for the Youth in Politics


To promote political participation among youth around Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections. The organization will carry out a voter mobilization campaign throughout Midlands Province; conduct civic education and leadership trainings for young potential voters and candidates; and organize community theater performances, discussion forums, and debates to promote peaceful and inclusive political dialogue during and after the elections.

Enhancing Youth Engagement through Alternative Media

Centre for Innovation and Technology


To enhance freedom of expression and access to information in the Matabeleland region. The organization will provide a creative hub for youth to access and use alternative media and will broadcast youth-centric news and interviews with public officials and activists on its online streaming television channel and website. The project will also broadcast and support initiatives by local civil society activists and build the digital skills of young women through a workshop series and the development of a monthly women’s magazine.

Observing Legislative Elections

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen the ability of nonpartisan citizen observers to promote transparent and accountable parliamentary elections. The institute will support its local observation partner to conduct parliamentary sample-based observations for three target constituencies. The observation effort will include the development of monitoring manuals and forms, the recruitment and training of 150 observers, and a final analysis of observation findings.

Opening Democratic Space for Citizen Participation in Critical Elections

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the ability of Zimbabweans to participate in the elections and to expand the voice of the marginalized small business community. The center will work with local partners to host five regional town hall meetings. To strengthen the advocacy capacity of small business associations and build public private dialogue mechanisms, the center will work with the partners to develop and implement an advocacy campaign addressing the needs of small business.

Promoting Constitutionalism in Zimbabwe



To promote democratic reforms, constitutionalism, and citizen understanding of democratic processes in Zimbabwe. The organization will pursue strategic litigation and work with lawmakers and activists to promote the development and implementation of legislation that strengthens protections for human rights and democratic institutions. The organization will also monitor and publicize the procedures of parliament, the courts, and independent commissions in order to strengthen civil society advocacy efforts.

Promoting Democratic Values and Principles

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support Zimbabwean political parties that are committed to democratic principles to gain skills on collecting and using data to create issue-based campaigns that are responsive to citizen needs and provide a concrete alternative to other parties. The institute will prioritize building the capacity of political parties to monitor for accountability, transparency, and legitimacy of the electoral process in order to be equipped with the tools necessary to safeguard the vote leading up to and on election day.

Promoting Social Accountability and Participatory Governance in Chitungwiza

Chitungwiza Community Development Network


To strengthen the capacity of citizens to promote local government accountability and transparency in Zimbabwe. The organization will work with citizens and local elected officials in Chitungwiza to establish platforms for dialogue and structures for citizens to advise local officials, such as a convention for newly elected local officials and the establishment and training of social accountability clubs for each constituency.

Reclaiming Political Spaces and Promoting Inclusive Elections

Institute for Young Women Development


To promote more inclusive political participation. The organization will empower young women and marginalized rural and peri-urban community members to participate in Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections as voters and candidates. In its capacity as secretariat of the Alliance of Community Based Organizations (ACBO), the grantee will organize a grassroots-led election observation effort led by its members in eight provinces and organize a series of community meetings for grassroots activists to strategically reengage with local traditional and state leadership structures in Zimbabwe’s shifted political climate.

Security Services Defending Human Rights

Human Rights


To promote a culture of non-violence and respect for human rights. The organization will strengthen the capacity of leaders within the institution to carry out peaceful conflict transformation and protect human rights defenders through a series of consultations and workshops on methods of conflict resolution. The training content will be cascaded and will inform the formal training curriculum of the institution.  

Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy and Regional Engagement on Zimbabwe’s Transition

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition


To strengthen civil society advocacy and regional engagement towards a democratic transition. The coalition will refine and coordinate its members’ positions on elections and key policy reforms, develop a mechanism to track the government’s progress towards reform against spoken commitments, and lead campaigns to guide engagement with the diaspora and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The grantee will also organize a regional election observation mission with its regional civil society allies.

Strengthening CSO/Union Advocacy for Government Accountability in Zimbabwe

Solidarity Center (SC)


To advance a platform of urgent, cross-cutting social and economic issues in Zimbabwe at a critical juncture of unexpected political transition. The center will strengthen trade union capacity to work with broader civil society to advocate for responsible development policies, develop regional alliances to support worker rights in Zimbabwe, and expand a national campaign for government transparency, accountability, and decent work

Strengthening Formal and Informal Worker Organizations in Post-Election Zimbabwe

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen formal and informal worker organizations in Zimbabwe. The center will conduct rights-based education nationally, and provincial-level trainings on collective bargaining, worker organizing and coordinated campaigning with civil society organizations. Partners will also conduct public advocacy with the government to hold newly elected officials accountable to citizen-defined socio-economic priorities.

Strengthening Grassroots Citizen Participation in Political Processes

Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe

Supplement: $34,960

To promote meaningful and inclusive citizen participation in Zimbabwe. The organization will collaborate with popular social movements to carry out voter mobilization, election observation, youth leadership training, and popular advocacy actions with a focus on underserved rural communities. In addition to voter mobilization, the partners will strengthen the capacity of their grassroots structures to promote transparent elections and democratic political reforms.

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