Bangladesh 2017

Building Resilient Universities: Promotion of Civic Values and Media Literacy

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


To promote and reinforce democratic and civic values among university students. The grantee will work with university leadership to develop and integrate a curriculum on democratic and civic values into existing course work. The program will involve an intense training course to familiarize faculty with the curriculum and enhance their ability to convey the content to students in a relatable manner.  


Building Youth Leadership on Pluralism and Social Harmony

The Hunger Project


To strengthen the leadership capacity of youth network members around topics of pluralism and democratic values. The organization will conduct leadership trainings focused on skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and dialogue facilitation. Subsequently, youth trainees will promote pluralism, tolerance, and social harmony in their communities. The organization will enhance its online membership platform with modules for learning and opportunities for experience exchange.


Mobilizing Youth to Advance Democracy and Good Governance

Jaago Foundation


To strengthen and deepen youth engagement on issues of human rights and democracy. The project will organize 16 workshops focused on democratic values, human rights norms, and leadership skills for members in its youth network, assist them in spreading this knowledge within their own networks, and facilitate advocacy with locally elected officials.


Supporting Youth to Drive Local Economic and Democratic Reform

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To develop the leadership skills of young people to participate in the democratic and economic reform process. The center will work with a Bangladeshi policy research institute to build the capacity of a diverse group of young people living in rural areas to address local economic grievances from a policy perspective. It will also provide a local partner with technical assistance and networking opportunities.

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