Advancing Accountability and Transparency through the Right to Information

Research Initiatives Bangladesh


To advance accountability and transparency through the application and implementation of right to information (RTI) mechanisms. The organization will facilitate the efforts of RTI experts and activists to submit requests to government authorities under the Right to Information Act. It will convene a series of trainings, strategy sessions, and a national conference to consider topics of public interest, monitor the life cycle of applications, and critically assess compliance with the law by government institutions.

Building Youth Leadership on Pluralism and Social Harmony

The Hunger Project


To strengthen the leadership capacity of youth leaders to address issues of pluralism and democratic values in their communities. The organization will conduct leadership trainings focused on skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and dialogue facilitation with the expectation that trainees will use this knowledge to promote pluralism, tolerance, and social harmony in their communities. The organization will work with its network members to proactively advance societal discourse on issues of pluralism and social harmony.

Defending Human Rights through Network Strengthening

Manabadhikar Shongskriti Foundation


To build the capacity of a human rights documentation network to monitor, document, and report on human rights violations. The organization will establish the network’s infrastructure, by starting local offices, hosting local meetings and national conferences, developing a documentation process, and publishing reports and related documents. It will also advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights and access to justice at the national level.

Facilitating Reconciliation Across Lines of Political Difference

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To expand and deepen a process of respectful and peaceful political engagement. The institute will convene and facilitate nonpartisan multiparty dialogues and discussion forums where senior representatives of the country’s political parties will utilize public opinion research on priority issues in open and honest discussion, as well as incorporate younger political leaders in multiparty interactions.

Promote Informed and Active Citizenry in Bangladesh’s 2019 Electoral Process

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To provide electoral stakeholders with recommendations to promote the credibility of the upcoming parliamentary elections. The institute will conduct a series of activities before and during the elections, including a pre-election assessment mission, a gender audit of the electoral environment, a limited election day delegation, and support to citizen groups to conduct evidence-based research on youth and women to inform efforts to improve the country’s electoral process.

Promotion of Diversity, Tolerance, and Pluralism in Universities

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


To promote and reinforce democratic and civic values, critical thinking, and media literacy among university students. The organization will work with university leadership to develop and integrate a curriculum on citizenship, pluralism, and social and emotional learning into existing coursework, encourage its use by other leading universities, and host a regional conference focused on knowledge sharing and best practices.

Raising Awareness on Voter Rights

JAAGO Foundation UK


To strengthen and deepen youth engagement on issues of democracy and electoral participation. The grantee will organize workshops on democracy and electoral participation for members in its youth networks, assist them in spreading this knowledge within their own networks, and facilitate pre-election discussions with local authorities. The grantee will also develop two videos for release on social media that encourage youth to vote in upcoming general elections.

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