China (Hong Kong) 2017

Expanding Worker Rights and Democracy

Solidarity Center (SC)


To expand worker rights and democracy, and promote the development of civil society in Hong Kong. The center will support partners to strengthen the capacity of trade, migrant worker, and domestic worker unions to organize, bargain collectively, engage in public policy advocacy, and increase public awareness of and participation in worker rights issues.


Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Protection

Human Rights


To strengthen democratic institutions and human rights protections. Activities will include working with civil society networks and political leaders to improve compliance with international standards for human rights, and will seek to increase the international community’s awareness of human rights abuses in Hong Kong.


Supporting Civic Engagement on Fundamental Rights

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To support civic engagement on fundamental rights in Hong Kong by promoting dialogue on political reform and strengthening the capacity of civil society to advocate for guaranteed rights. The institute will build on past public opinion research to engender discussion on political reform. In addition, it will help to develop organizational management and advocacy capacities of an emerging legal advocacy group working to defend Hong Kong citizens’ civil liberties.

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