China (Tibet) 2017

A Symposium for Tibetan Intellectuals and Artists

Filming for Tibet


To provide a safe space for minorities to assert their identity, discuss political and social issues, and build stronger networks to protect their ethnic identity. The organization will hold a meeting of Tibetan educators, writers and activists to discuss and share thoughts on human rights, democracy, and rights guaranteed to minorities under the Chinese constitution. Additionally, the organization will provide humanitarian support to current and former political prisoners.


Amplifying Voices from Tibet

The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom


To amplify the voices of Tibetans in Tibet and to increase understanding of political and social conditions in the country from the Tibetans’ point of view. The organization will translate articles written by popular bloggers in China from Mandarin and Tibetan into English, and disseminate them widely to encourage accountability and highlight Chinese government policy in Tibet.


Building Networks in Defense of Rights and the Environment

Students for a Free Tibet, Inc.


To enhance information sharing, improve cooperation and coordination, and promote solidarity among pro-democracy ethnic and religious groups. The organization will raise awareness about and demand accountability for China’s environmental policies in Tibet and network with stakeholders in downstream nations to share experiences and advocacy tools, and discuss opportunities for cooperation. The organization will build alliances and stronger partnerships among youth leaders and democrats from Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.


Demton Khang – The Tibet Museum

Social and Resource Development Fund


To collect, preserve, and present material related to modern Tibetan history, commemorate Tibet’s rich civilization, protect Tibetan identity, and counter Chinese propaganda on Tibet’s political and cultural history. The group will maintain and manage its newly expanded Dharamsala-based museum, Demton Khang; display a touring exhibition; digitize its photo archive; organize trainings on archival techniques; publish an online newsletter, and maintain a website.


Empowering a New Generation of Tibetan Leaders

Tibet Action Institute

Supplement: $13,650

To empower and train a future generation of Tibetan leaders.  The grantee will organize Lhakar Academy, a leadership training for Tibetan youth, focusing on democracy, nonviolent tactics, and the promotion of human rights and rule of law.  Additionally, the organization will strengthen activists’ skills in information gathering, media advocacy, communications and technology, grassroots organizing, and leadership.  It will also continue to develop new technology, training, and educational tools to enhance online security practices of activists.


Empowering a New Generation of Tibetan Leaders

Tibet Action Institute


To empower and train a future generation of Tibetan leaders. The grantee will organize Lhakar Academy, a leadership training for Tibetan youth that focuses on democracy, nonviolent tactics, and the promotion of human rights and rule of law.  Additionally, it will enhance online security practices of activists and build their capacity in information gathering, media advocacy, and grassroots organizing. It will also develop new educational tools to raise the ability of Tibetans to protect and promote their rights under the Chinese law.


Human Rights Documentation and Advocacy

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy


To monitor, document, and highlight political repression and human rights violations in Tibet. The grantee will conduct research on the human rights situation and legal landscape in Tibet and the status of Tibetan democracy in exile, and it will produce a variety of reports based on its findings. It will also strengthen its Chinese research desk and create an interactive database on Tibetan political prisoners.


International Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet

Tibet Justice Center


To strengthen coordination and engagement on Tibet at the United Nations. The organization will work closely with a coalition of Tibetan NGOs and Tibet support groups to monitor, document, and highlight human rights violations in Tibet. It will strengthen organization’s skills in UN advocacy to pressure the Chinese government to adhere to universal human rights norms.


Promoting Conflict Resolution and Democratic Processes

Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution


To promote democratic values and practices that are rooted in conflict resolution principles in the Tibetan community in exile. The organization will provide skills training to local assembly members and civil society organizations in the non-violent management of conflicts and introduce communication skills that are useful in conflict prevention.


Strengthening International Support for Human Rights in Tibet

International Tibet Network


To increase the effectiveness of the global movement for human rights in Tibet. The organization will coordinate the development and implementation of strategic campaigns for greater freedom in Tibet, produce advocacy materials, conduct capacity building trainings for members, and organize international meetings of Tibet support groups.


Strengthening the Tibetan Movement – Campaigning and Leadership Training

Students for a Free Tibet, Inc.


To raise international awareness of rights-based issues in Tibet, and to strengthen Tibetan activists’ skills in media advocacy, communications and technology, grassroots organizing, and leadership. The organization will conduct campaigns at the grassroots, national, and international levels on language rights, political prisoners, and the environment.  It will also work to bolster multilateral mechanisms that can bring pressure to bear on the Chinese government to peacefully resolve the issue of Tibet.


Tibet Express Newspaper

Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre


To provide independent news and analysis about Tibet and promote greater discussion and debate on current social, cultural, and political issues related to Tibet and Tibetans. The organization will publish a weekly Tibetan-language newspaper, and maintain a trilingual website in Tibetan, Mandarin, and English.


Tibet Times Newspaper

Tibetan Literacy Society


To provide the Tibetan public with independent and accurate information on developments in Tibet and in the exile community and to promote open discussion among intellectuals and the general public on civic issues, including human rights and democracy. The grantee will publish and distribute a Tibetan-language newspaper three times a month, and maintain a website that is updated daily.


Tibet-China Democracy Networking Program

Tibetan Community Development Fund Inc.


To improve understanding of human rights and democracy-related concerns in Tibet among the Chinese public, both in China and abroad, and to increase communication between Tibetans and Chinese people. The grantee will facilitate interaction between Tibetan and Chinese officials, academics, and others through meetings, conferences, cultural events, and exchange visits. Additionally, it will produce publications in Mandarin about the Dalai Lama’s Chinese outreach efforts and will coordinate dialogue sessions between the Dalai Lama and Chinese youth.


Voice of Tibet: Independent Shortwave Tibetan Radio

The Foundation Voice of Tibet


To inform and sustain independent public opinion inside Tibet and to familiarize Tibetans with the ideals of democracy and human rights. An independent, Tibetan-language shortwave radio station will regularly broadcast news and features about Tibet, the Tibetan exile community, and the Tibetan government-in-exile to audiences in Tibet and in neighboring countries.

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