China (Xinjiang/East Turkistan) 2017

Advocacy and Outreach for Uyghur Human Rights

Uyghur Human Rights Project


To raise awareness about Uyghur human rights issues, and to bring such issues to prominence globally. The grantee will research, document, and provide independent and accurate information about human rights violations affecting Uyghurs in China. It will also conduct outreach to Chinese citizens in an effort to improve the human rights conditions for Uyghurs, as well as providing international advocacy.


Uyghur Human Rights Advocacy

World Uyghur Congress


To raise awareness and support for Uyghurs’ human rights. The grantee will organize leadership and advocacy training seminars for Uyghur youth; monitor, document, and highlight human rights violations in East Turkestan/Xinjiang; and strengthen advocacy on Uyghur issues at the United Nations and the European Parliament.

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