Promoting Tolerance, Democracy, and Human Rights to Prevent Violent Extremism

INFID – International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development


To strengthen local, national, and regional initiatives to promote tolerance, pluralism, and human rights to counter violent extremism. The project will involve research on radical groups and ideology, which will be used for an extensive social media and grassroots campaign against extremism as well as policy advocacy with local and national governments. The project will also launch a regional initiative to enhance cooperation on countering extremism in South and Southeast Asia.

Strengthening Local Accountability and Transparency through Open Data

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To aid Indonesian cities as they prepare to launch open government and open data guidelines to subnational governments across the country. The institute will carry out a five-month program to bolster the capacity of target Indonesian partner cities to implement their open government and open data initiatives, preparing for the forthcoming presidential decree on open government and open data, and incorporating lessons-learned from the institute’s previous NED-funded programs.

Strengthening Trade Unions in Indonesia and Malaysia

Solidarity Center (SC)


To support worker and civil society participation in Indonesia and Malaysia to build workplace democracy. The center will strengthen partner union capacity in media and research skills, industry outreach/collaboration, organizing, and youth and women, including gender specific approaches to legal reform and collective bargaining. The program will focus on specific sectors including the hotel, garment, electronics, palm oil and extractive industries. It will also include a legal advocacy component addressing case preparation and negotiation and global campaigns involving international exposure to working conditions.

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