Promoting Tolerance, Democracy, and Human Rights to Prevent Violent Extremism

INFID – International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development


To strengthen local, national, and regional initiatives to promote tolerance, pluralism, and human rights to counter violent extremism. The project will produce research on prevention of violent extremism and carry out a youth perceptions survey, which will inform policy advocacy and public awareness campaigns. The project will produce materials and train youth leaders to enhance a social media campaign to counter extremist narratives. The project will also convene a national human rights festival and an international meeting to enhance cooperation on countering extremism.

The Next Generation of Political Party Leaders: Catalysts for a Resilient Indonesia Democracy

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To foster political parties that are internally democratic and representative of constituents’ interests. The institute will implement a program of technical assistance and training to strengthen parties’ structures and processes and the cultivation of emerging leaders. The institute will provide technical consultation to parties’ national and provincial leadership bodies to support development and reform of operating principles and practices. In addition, the institute will hold multi-party ‘Emerging Leaders Academies’ across the country to train young party members on leadership, party operations and campaigning.

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