Collaborative Responses to Democratic Threats

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To identify new approaches to respond to the threats that China is posing to the democracy promotion community domestically and abroad, and to strengthen the resiliency of civil society organizations in China. The organization will help increase the capacity and access to information of CSOs and nurture the next generation of CSO leaders.

Advancing Citizen Participation for Accountable Environmental Governance

Accountability and Governance


To strengthen environmental civil society organizations’ (CSOs) capacity to empower citizens to hold local government accountable through public monitoring and civic participation. The program will include working with local and international partners to hold a foundational workshop with CSOs; arranging and facilitating meetings among CSOs, citizens, government officials, academics, and private sector representatives; and reporting on outcomes and new opportunities for civic engagement.

Advancing Women’s Rights

Human Rights


To advocate for and raise international awareness of women’s rights in China. Project activities will include organizing lectures, conducting a training workshop, undertaking international advocacy, and launching campaigns to increase international awareness on women’s rights issues in China through various available platforms and established networks. Utilizing its strong country-based network and resources, the international audience will be kept up-to-date on women’s activism in China.

Building Advocacy Capacity and Empowering Civil Society to Protect Human Rights

Human Rights


To build the capacity of civil society actors to advocate for, promote, and defend human rights. This project will facilitate cooperation and coordination among human rights defenders, and will foster greater understanding of universal human rights standards and the mechanisms available to defend those standards in the international community. Through this project, rights defenders will implement a broad program of advocacy and capacity-building activities, while also connecting Chinese activists to international human rights actors.

Combating Censorship, Countering Propaganda, and Supporting Free Expression

China Digital Times, Inc.


To provide access to uncensored news and commentary about China’s influence on the information space and to monitor and document the use of surveillance and censorship technologies both domestically and internationally. The organization will work to increase access to information in Chinese cyberspace and will provide, in English and Chinese, political and social commentary and perspectives on China’s growing global influence as it impacts democratic institutions. The organization will also nurture a community of influential internet users to respond to censorship and disinformation in China and globally.

Defending and Assisting Rights Defenders

Rule of Law


To support, aid, and defend human rights defenders and their families. The project will provide legal aid and direct assistance to human rights defenders and their families, advocate on their behalf through its extensive network of lawyers, activists, and other civil society organizations, and support small projects seeking to improve access to justice at a local level.

Democratic China Electronic Journal

Democratic China, Inc.


To provide a platform for debate and intellectual discourse on democratic movements and strategies for democratization in China. The organization will publish articles by academics, activists, students, and artists about current social and political issues with a focus on freedom, human rights, and constitutionalism, and will use various forms of social media to distribute articles.

Empowering Citizen Journalists to Defend Human Rights

Human Rights


To foster debate on public policy issues through journalism, analysis, and art, and to increase the capacity of citizens to report on human rights issues. Project activities will include documenting human rights violations, advocating for human rights, and working with citizen journalists to increase their reporting, analysis, and writing skills.

Embedding Civil Society in a Shifting Environment

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen civil society capacity. The institute will conduct targeted workshops and expand its Electronic Commons program to provide grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs) with sustained access to information, skills, and approaches to manage programs and build organizational capacity in an increasingly restrictive operating environment. The institute will also support the ongoing development of civil society advocacy by supporting four CSO networks, promoting youth civic engagement, and implementing good governance workshops at the local level.

Empowering Environmental Rights Activists

Accountability and Governance


To support a network of environmental groups to monitor, document, and conduct advocacy and public outreach on the health of local waterways. The program will help local partners coordinate initiatives to promote citizen engagement in efforts to protect the environment and act as a watchdog to ensure compliance by local governments and businesses.

Empowering Rights Lawyers and Activists to Protect Civil Society Space

NGO Strengthening


To develop and implement methods to push back against the closing space for civil society in China. The organization will work with lawyers and civil society activists to maintain operations under the new laws by expanding the pool of lawyers available for consultation, equipping these lawyers to effectively advise rights civil society organizations, and building CSOs’ capacity to assess and mitigate operational risks. The organization will also develop and strengthen international networks and collaboration among lawyers and CSOs working to protect civil society in closed countries.

Empowering Workers

Freedom of Association


To monitor and analyze labor activism, and to support workers organizing to protect their constitutional and labor rights. Using advanced technological analysis tools, the project will monitor labor strikes and incidents in China, and will build the capacity of labor activists and lawyers to use the legal system to protect freedom of association.

Engaging Critical Analysis and Political Discourse

Freedom of Information


To provide a platform for high-level analysis of international relations, governance reform, China’s domestic politics, and the potential for democratic transition for intellectuals, scholars, and policy advisors inside and outside of China. The organization will publish a quarterly journal featuring carefully researched and thought-provoking articles to distribute to decision-makers critical to reform.

Ensuring Free and Open Access to Online Information

Freedom of Information


To ensure access to censored media, news, and information websites through a free and safe Internet browser application. This project will maintain a censorship-circumvention web browser application that gives Chinese citizens free access to objective information and fosters use of websites that focus on democracy, human rights, and civil society.

Humanitarian Assistance for Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights


To provide humanitarian assistance to human rights activists, rights defenders, and political thinkers who face repression and financial hardship due to their work. Through coordination and collaboration with multiple networks, the project will distribute short-term, emergency aid to human rights activists and their families facing harassment and arrest.

Monitoring Media Censorship

Freedom House


To promote awareness among Chinese and international stakeholders about the state’s control of information and media, and to provide information about ongoing and potential responses to that control. The organization will produce a monthly publication that reports on censorship in both Chinese and English online versions to challenge censorship and counter the government’s propaganda efforts.

Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values

Democratic Ideas and Values


To educate and train civil society activists on democratization and social movements and to provide a platform for youth to engage in discussion of democratic ideas and civil society activism. The project activities include holding seminars, workshops and trainings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cooperation among activists in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan, and maintaining a multi-platform program for Chinese youth to learn about modern history and current events, comparative democratic development, and civil society initiatives.

Promoting Democratic Values

Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Inc.


To promote awareness of democratic values among the Chinese public, and to inform the international community about human rights violations within China. The project will continue its outreach through its website, information distribution networks, and frequent interviews with the international and Chinese press, and seek to engage new supporters through participation in community activism.

Promoting Digital Activism

NGO Strengthening


To improve civil society activists’ digital expertise to protect human rights, ensure accountable government, and encourage civic participation. Activists and civil society organizations will be trained in civic technology concepts, digital tools and security, and will be provided resources for protecting freedom of digital information. This project will promote collaboration among civil society activists and the technology community to push for digital transparency, open governance, and accountability.

Promoting Government Transparency and Accountability

Accountability and Governance


To empower civil society organizations and individual citizens to push for government transparency and accountability. The organization will equip individuals and organizations to use open government information regulations by conducting trainings on submitting and tracking government information disclosure requests, publishing an information disclosure manual, and providing direct assistance for pursuing OGI cases.

Providing Information and Analysis on China’s Human Rights

China Change


To raise the profile of human rights defenders and liberal intellectuals, and to provide analysis on political developments in China. The organization will translate commentaries and interviews from leading intellectuals and rights defenders from Chinese into English, provide brief summaries of daily events and timely reports on human rights abuses, and write original profiles and opinion pieces about China’s human rights and democracy movements.

Religious Freedom, Rights Defense, and Rule of Law

Rule of Law


To assist victims of religious persecution in defending their human rights and freedom of religion. Legal aid will be provided to individuals whose rights have been violated because of their religious beliefs. Project activities will also include training lawyers and interested citizens about their rights under Chinese law and organizing an international exchange for Chinese lawyers and activists to engage with other lawyers and policymakers about the right to religious freedom.

Strengthening Organizational and Advocacy Capacity for Community-Based Organizations

NGO Strengthening


To strengthen the organizational and advocacy capacity of community-based organizations working with vulnerable and marginalized populations. Project activities include providing technical support and consultation on local CBOs’ fundraising strategy, training on organizational management and advocacy skills. The project will also include a leadership training program for community leaders and advocacy on health rights issues at regional and international levels.

Strengthening the Rule of Law to Protect Human Rights and Public Participation

Rule of Law


To equip lawyers to engage effectively in combatting torture, to advocate for equal access to education, and to improve public participation in local government. Legal training on combatting torture and other police abuses will be supported. The organization will work to address discriminatory educational policies through raising awareness with government officials, legal assistance, and engaging the public. The project will advance meaningful opportunities for public participation by piloting participatory budgeting models that engage both local government and civil society.

Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation

Freedom of Association


To increase workers’ awareness and legal knowledge to protect their rights, and to advocate for labor rights. Project activities will include the production of investigative reports on rights violations, workshops for workers on labor laws, and the distribution of easily understood written materials on fundamental labor rights. Additionally, the project will work to expand women’s leadership roles in the labor rights movement.     

Supporting Freedom of Expression through Technology

Freedom of Information


To promote freedom of expression for censored publishers and writers. The project will provide access to platforms and online distribution mechanisms that allow writers and publishers to publish independent news and views, reaching a wider audience for literature on important contemporary social and political issues.

Supporting Grassroots NGOs

NGO Strengthening


To build the capacity of NGOs and engage young activists in policy advocacy. Groups focused on human rights education, access to justice, and policy advocacy will receive assistance with administrative work and strategic direction. The project will also provide assistance to human rights defenders at risk and their families.

Supporting, Safeguarding, and Empowering Human Rights Lawyers

Rule of Law


To strengthen the rule of law by improving the skills of human rights lawyers, facilitating access to justice, and documenting rights violations against the legal community. Project activities will include providing legal aid, holding professional exchange and strategic litigation workshops, documenting and disseminating information about rights violations against lawyers, managing a small fund in support of research and advocacy projects, and offering emergency humanitarian assistance.

Worker Rights Awareness

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of workers and advocates to advance worker rights in China, the center will continue to support efforts of workers and grassroots worker rights advocates to conduct worker outreach and education, provide legal assistance, train worker activists and legal practitioners, and advocate for policy changes, with the objective to raise workers’ awareness about their rights, promote better enforcement of labor and safety laws, and protect the rights of the most vulnerable workers.

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