Malaysia 2017

Combating Corruption and Promoting Accountability

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4)


To promote good governance and accountability and to combat corruption.  This multifaceted project will encourage public participation in efforts to combat corruption, including research on various forms on corruption in Malaysia; education around the Auditor General’s reports on the national budget; advocacy focused on strengthening the independence of public institutions; training workshops for youth on various aspects of corruption; and the promotion of online tools to build public participation in promoting transparency.


Promoting Governmental Accountability and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Efforts

Institute for Democracy & Economic Affairs


To promote transparency and accountability within the Malaysian government and strengthen institutions working on issues of corruption.  The organization will publish a series of articles, opinion pieces, and a book focused on efforts to combat corruption, produce infographics, and conduct roundtables and on proposed reforms designed to strengthen institutions and promote civic education on anti-corruption and good governance.


Promoting Human Rights and Access to Justice

Lawyers for Liberty


To support a community of lawyers dedicated to the advancement of human rights through strategic litigation. The primary focus of the project will be the litigation of a variety of cases with important human rights implications and the conducting of public information campaigns and empowerment trainings.


Promoting Pluralism

Projek Dialog


To promote open, reflective, and meaningful conversations among youth on diversity and inclusion in Malaysia.  The organization will seek to promote an appreciation for pluralism through interactions between Malaysian young people and marginalized communities, including representatives of indigenous populations, refugees, and members of the Shia community.


Public Opinion Research

Merdeka Center for Opinion Research


To carry out independent, objective public opinion research that will enable policy makers and civil society representatives to formulate policies and programs. The grantee will conduct public opinion surveys across peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak to gauge the Malaysian public’s opinion on a variety of public policy issues.


Strategic Litigation and Human Rights Advocacy

Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd


To provide the Malaysian public, especially young Malaysians, with a forum to discuss critical political issues in the country and to support the advancement of human rights through strategic litigation.  Project activities will include a series of initiatives designed to improve young people’s human rights advocacy skills and encourage their involvement in political processes, support for a variety of legal cases with important human rights implications, and maintenance of a resource center for Malaysian youth.


Strengthening Political Parties and Citizen-Responsive Democratic Governance

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen political parties’ ability to campaign and govern responsively and democratically. The institute will bolster the skills of political parties in the areas of coalition operations, citizen-responsive and data-driven platform and policy formulation, messaging, and leveraging new media. It will also help to bridge the gap between parties and citizens by providing youth with the platforms and skills necessary to voice concerns and engage in discourse on issues related to Malaysia’s democratic development.

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