Advancing Democratic Governance through Responsive and Inclusive Politics

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support democratic governance in Malaysia. The institute will implement a program to strengthen Malaysian political parties’ operational and outreach capacities, thus contributing to stronger and more sustainable constituent outreach, strategic planning, and issue identification in the period in-between elections. The institute will also concurrently increase and amplify youth perspectives in the public sphere by providing youth with a platform through which to discuss and share unique perspectives on social, civic, and political issues.

Combating Corruption and Promoting Accountability

Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4)


To promote good governance and accountability and to combat corruption. The organization will conduct a multifaceted project designed to encourage public participation in efforts to combat corruption that will include research on various forms of corruption in Malaysia; educational initiatives about patronage politics and possible corruption associated with government linked companies; and advocacy focused on strengthening the independence of public institutions.

Empowering Workers in Malaysia’s New Labor Law Reform Regime

Solidarity Center (SC)


To expand trade union and labor rights in Malaysia following the historic election of the Pakatan Harapan coalition government in May 2018. The center will conduct a combination of labor law workshops on the content of the reforms and legal clinics. These will be coupled with specific activities around migrant worker organizing, collective bargaining expansion and stakeholder engagement to ensure that beyond unions and workers, employers and local government officials as well as regional media are familiarized with the scope and application of the broad-based legal reforms in play.

New Civic Accountability

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To hold the new Pakatan Harapan government accountable to the economic reform promises made in its electoral manifesto. The center will use a citizen scorecard that enables civil society to track, analyze and communicate the policies of the new government. The center will also build the capacity of accountability-oriented civil society groups to discuss public expectations of the government.

Promoting an Understanding of the Relationship between Islam and Democracy

Democratic Ideas and Values


To educate Southeast Asians on the philosophical foundations of democracy and human rights and their relationship with Islam.  The organization will conduct a series of discussions on democracy and Islam that will provide young Malaysians with the opportunity to better understand and appreciate Islam’s relationship with fundamental civil liberties.  In addition, the organization will organize a series of activities for young Southeast Asian Muslims to discuss secularism, multi-culturalism, neo-liberalism, and interfaith coexistence throughout the region.

Promoting Human Rights and Access to Justice

Lawyers for Liberty


To support a community of lawyers dedicated to the advancement of human rights through strategic litigation. The organization will litigate a variety of cases with important human rights implications including cases focusing on issues such as death in custody, abuse of police power, detention without trial, and statelessness and conduct public information campaigns and empowerment trainings.

Public Opinion Research

Merdeka Center for Opinion Research


To carry out independent, objective public opinion research that can be used by policy makers and civil society representatives to formulate policies and programs. The organization will conduct public opinion surveys across peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak to gauge the Malaysian public’s opinion on a variety of public policy issues.

Strategic Litigation and Human Rights Advocacy

Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd


To provide the Malaysian public, especially youth, with a forum to discuss critical political issues and to support the advancement of human rights through strategic litigation. The organization will implement a series of initiatives designed to improve young people’s human rights advocacy skills and encourage their involvement in political processes, litigate a variety of cases with important human rights implications, and maintain a resource center for youth.

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