Maldives 2019

Amplifying New Entrepreneur Voices

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To advance the voices of new entrepreneurs. The center will build the capacity of its local partner to represent alternative business interests in the Maldives and to enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and civil society to advocate for inclusive, productive, and transparent economic policies.  It will use the transition period to empower SMEs and entrepreneurs as a durable alternative voice advocating for the end of an oligopolistic market in the Maldives.

Promoting Accountability in Local Municipalities

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To advance decentralization efforts in the Maldives. The institute will support capacity building programs for subnational officials and conduct public opinion research on critical priorities that support more inclusive local governance. Building upon its work with senior Maldivian officials, the institute will place specific emphasis on providing actionable recommendations and public opinion data to create sustainable democratic change.

Supporting Decentralization in the Maldives

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To advance decentralization efforts in the Maldives. The Institute will support local officials from across the country through training and capacity building in best practices for subnational governance. It will conduct a series of meetings and trainings, including a national summit, for local government authorities and national government officials to discuss common challenges and opportunities and train the former on essential skills and processes central to their positions.

Supporting Workers’ Rights, Industrial Relations, and Trade Unions

Solidarity Center (SC)


To advance democratic norms and strengthen democratic institutions in the Maldives. The center will support the work of trade unions and nascent workers’ organizations to promote union-government engagement and build professional and democratic worker organizations. It will bolster the Labor Relations Authority and the Labor Tribunal as institutions that can effectively manage industrial relations and curb unfair labor practices.

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