NEPAL 2020

Advancing the Rights of Workers at Home and Abroad

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of Nepali trade unions to advocate for the passage and implementation of worker-friendly policies. The center will provide technical assistance to trade unions and migrant rights organizations, assist in the grooming of emerging leaders at the provincial and central levels. and strengthen cooperation between trade unions and migrant rights NGOs to effectively advocate for the rights of Nepali migrant workers.

Enhancing the Capacity of Rights-based Advocates

Martin Chautari


To strengthen the research and leadership capacity of rights-based activists and academics based outside of Kathmandu. The organization will provide capacity-building training and technical support to select civil society actors to enable them to produce high-quality research products that can be used to engage in effective policy debates, spark civic dialogue on locally relevant issues, and inform advocacy efforts.  

Investing to Support Nepal’s Transition towards a Market Oriented Federal Democracy

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To improve policy implementation and public administration, to build the capacity of grassroots actors to hold local officials accountable, and to strengthen the enabling environment for subnational public-private partnerships in Nepal. The center will support a range of activities, including analyzing and recommending decentralization policies and regulations, increasing private sector input on policy issues, and incubating provincial-level accountability watchdogs. This effort seeks to strengthen economic and democratic governance at all levels as Nepal transitions to a democratic federal state.

Promoting and Protecting Dalit Rights

Samata Foundation


To advocate for the enactment and implementation of policies that protect and advance the rights of Dalits. Through research, advocacy meetings, and interactive discussion forums, the organization will monitor and analyze prevailing concerns among the Dalit community, identify gaps in policy, and provide recommendations to government officials to ensure inclusion and protection of marginalized communities’ rights

Strengthening Local Democracy Through Data-Driven Policy Formation and Journalism

Sharecast Initiative Nepal


To enhance local government accountability by encouraging data-driven policy formation and constructive engagement with local media. The organization will assist local governments in incorporating objective data on constituents’ priorities, perceptions, and understanding of government, media, and democracy into their policy-making. The organization will also build the capacities of municipal governments and local media to effectively engage with each other and collectively address the interests of local residents.

Supporting Democratic Consolidation and the Bolstering of Independent Institutions

Niti Foundation


To support Nepal’s continuing democratic consolidation by strengthening and improving the effectiveness of independent institutions. Through a process of collaborative appraisal, cross-commission discourse, and targeted coalition building, the organization will improve the functional coherence of constitutional bodies to enable them to perform their roles more effectively and, thereby, promote and protect constitutionalism.  

Promoting Transparency and Accountability by Strengthening Independent Journalism

Sarswati Foundation


To promote transparency and accountability and counter corruption in public institutions. The organization will guide, train, and mentor local journalists on investigative journalism techniques specific to corruption, develop an online resource hub, and create a media network that will oversee the release of a series of reports exposing corruption and the mishandling of Covid-19 funds by local and federal governments.