Advocacy Campaign for Right-to-Information in Balochistan

Association for Integrated Development Balochistan


To raise public awareness about the right to information and strengthen advocacy for stronger transparency and accountability laws at the provincial level. The project will include activities to raise public awareness on the importance of right to information through radio messages, newspaper articles, community meetings, theater performances, and social media. The organization will also work with a broad-based coalition to carry out an advocacy campaign to enact stronger right to information legislation.

Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives


To enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to promote transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. The organization will carry out a survey on the budget-making process in districts; conduct trainings for civil society organizations and citizens on budget analysis and advocacy, convene public consultations, and conduct awareness and advocacy campaigns to strengthen access to information and accountability in all four provinces of Pakistan.

Campaign for Education Reform and Strengthening Minority Political Participation

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace


To facilitate the development of a more tolerant and democratic curriculum in the public education system and raise awareness of issues related to minority rights and political participation. The organization will produce a policy paper on education reform and conduct a national-level campaign for education reform and minority rights by holding conferences, roundtables, seminars, and advocacy meetings with key decision-makers.

Civic and Voter Education for Minority Communities in Sindh

Development, Awareness and Management of Natural Resources


To increase public awareness of and civic engagement with democratic institutions and electoral processes. The organization will conduct trainings for the media and elected representatives and then work with local community leaders to carry out a broad-based civic and voter education campaign in southern Sindh. The campaign will include a series of community meetings, public seminars, theater performances, and public forums where citizens and elected representatives can discuss issues, as well as the production of informational materials to educate the public about democracy.

Code for Pakistan: Promoting Civic Engagement, Good Governance, and Open Government through Technology

Tech for Change


To strengthen civic engagement and promote transparency and accountability through the use of technology. The grantee will organize civic hackathons, conduct fellowship programs, and facilitate the development of open source civic applications that strengthen collaboration and information-sharing between citizens and the government. By building collaborative relationships between the tech sector, civil society, and government, the project will facilitate and strengthen the development of a civic technology ecosystem in Pakistan.

Data Journalism to Foster Government Accountability and Transparency

Media Matters for Democracy


To build the capacity of journalists to produce data-driven investigative stories and promote government accountability and transparency. The organization will conduct on-site data journalism trainings in newsrooms as well as residential investigative reporting trainings for journalists on specific themes related to democratic governance. It will also produce in-depth investigative stories, promote the use of open source data sets by journalists, and develop an online network of data journalists.

Enhancing the Knowledge of Women Journalists about Local Government

Women Media Centre of Pakistan (WMC)


To enhance women journalists’ understanding and ability to report on local government institutions and elections. The organization will conduct seven trainings for women journalists and mass communication students in five cities to strengthen their ability to report on the local government elections and to improve their technical skills in television reporting, camera-work, and editing.

Enhancing the Role of Youth and Civil Society to Combat Religious Extremism in Sindh

Center for Peace and Civil Society


To strengthen the role of youth, civil society, and elected representatives to promote democratic values and counter religious extremism in Sindh. The organization will provide training for youth from 10 universities on democratic concepts and values and develop resource materials for youth. The trained youth will develop community-based projects and organize festivals on their respective campuses on the project themes. The project will also organize conventions in conjunction with bar councils, press clubs, and provincial parliamentarians on issues of religious extremism.

Fostering Policy Debate on Open and Inclusive Democratic Governance

Jinnah Institute


To foster and sustain effective policy debate, improve public awareness about key issues in Pakistan’s democratic development, and generate public demand and pressure for legislative and policy reforms. The grantee will organize a one-day conference, hold policy roundtables, conduct town hall style forums in universities, and produce policy research, articles, and videos on the themes of counter extremism and anti-discrimination, freedom of speech and association, and democratic governance.

Fostering Policy Debate on Open and Inclusive Democratic Governance

Jinnah Institute


To foster and sustain effective policy debate, improve public awareness about key issues in Pakistan’s democratic development, and generate public demand and pressure for legislative and policy reforms. The grantee will maintain an online platform to track incidents of extremism and discrimination; convene town hall meetings in universities to engage youth; hold policy roundtables and a conference; and produce a report, articles, and videos on the themes of democratic inclusion, extremism, and democratic governance.

Fostering Safe Online Spaces for Human Rights Defenders

Digital Rights Foundation


To enhance the capacity of media practitioners and human rights defenders to use online tools and ensure their digital safety. The organization will conduct digital security trainings for three groups at risk of targeted repression and harassment: online journalists and bloggers, human rights defenders, and civil society organizations. It will also develop online toolkits for digital security catering to online activists and journalists.

Human Rights and Democracy Advocacy through Theater, Visual Arts, and Digital Storytelling

Interactive Resource Centre


To strengthen the capacity of civil society activists to use performing and visual arts as well as digital storytelling to conduct advocacy campaigns and raise public awareness of social issues. The grantee will conduct citizen journalism and visual arts trainings for university students; hold film and theater festivals; and produce short films that promote democratic themes and highlight human rights issues.

Improving Civil-Military Relations through Dialogue and Monitoring

Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency


To deepen dialogue and analysis of civil-military relations and encourage greater citizen awareness and oversight of defense, national security, and civil-military relations. The organization will produce monthly briefing papers on civil-military developments, conduct capacity-building sessions for parliamentarians, convene an expert roundtable to discuss civil-military relations and issue public recommendations, and conduct research and analysis for policy reform related to civil-military relations.

Leadership Development for Religious Minorities

Centre for Social Justice


To strengthen political leadership skills and promote greater inclusion and participation in political processes among religious minorities. Working in eight districts of Punjab province, the project will enhance leadership skills of members of minority wings of mainstream political parties through capacity-building trainings, seminars, lectures, community meetings, and a national convention. The project participants will engage in a voter education campaign related to the local government system and issues of concern to religious minority communities.

Mobile Peace Cinema to Promote Tolerance among Youth

Center for Peace and Secular Studies


To promote a culture of peace, tolerance and respect for political, religious and ethnic pluralism among youth.  The organization will organize film screenings and discussions focused on countering religious extremism and youth radicalization in educational institutions in five major districts of Punjab. Through these events, the group will engage youth and educational institutions in social campaigns and activities related to peace and democracy and expand a provincial peace network for youth.

Mobilizing Economic Reformers to Protect the Remaining Democratic Space

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To support the Pakistani private sector to keep democratic space open in the country through interactions with public officials, parliamentarians and other stakeholders. The center and its partners will arrange private-sector led dialogues at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels on a range of issues that continue to advance important governance and economic reforms amid a closing space.

Music for Peace: Promoting Pluralism and Tolerance through Music

Democratic Ideas and Values


To engage youth and activists in a grassroots campaign to counter violent extremist narratives. The grantee will organize a series of music events in educational institutions to provide a counter narrative to the ideology of violent extremism, to support civil society and social movements working for a more pluralistic and tolerant society, and to raise awareness of youth about ways to organize communities against extremism and for democratic values.

Policy Dialogue and Research on Fiscal Federalism and Devolution

Policy Research Institute of Market Economy


To provide a platform for evidence-based discussion and analysis among policy-makers, economists, and government officials on the issues related to intergovernmental transfers and their impact on federalism, devolution, transparency, and accountability. The grantee will engage specialists in working group meetings, organize policy dialogues in the provincial capitals, hold a conference on the topic of federalism and devolution, and produce research articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics to raise awareness and generate public discussion.

Promoting a Culture of Human Rights, Tolerance, and Peace in Quetta

Health and Rural Development (HARD) Balochistan


To promote a culture of peace, tolerance, and respect for human rights and strengthen the capacity of youth to advocate for minority rights and raise public awareness about pluralism. The organization will carry out an awareness and advocacy campaign on minority rights and peace involving youth, civil society, public officials, religious leaders and the media. The project will also engage youth volunteers to carry out peer-to-peer education programs and outreach campaigns to educational institutions and the public on issues of peace and tolerance through storytelling, theater, visual arts, and a peace festival.

Promoting Human Rights, Pluralism, and Peace in Northern Sindh

PAHEL Pakistan


To strengthen the capacity of local communities to advocate for human rights, peace, and government accountability. The organization will provide training and support to human rights groups to carry out advocacy and civic education campaigns in twelve districts of Sindh. These groups will conduct awareness raising and advocacy activities at the local level on human rights and peace, engage youth in activism, and hold community events related to project themes.

Strengthening Governance and Transparency in Merged Districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

Centre for Governance and Public Accountability (CGPA)


To strengthen government transparency and public accountability in the districts merged with Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa after the 25th constitutional amendment.  The organization will conduct research to track the implementation of the 25th constitutional amendment, conduct capacity-building trainings on budget advocacy and right to information tools for civil society and the media, and carry out an awareness campaign on transparency and government accountability.

Strengthening Grassroots Movements for Democracy, Pluralism, and Peace

Centre for Human Rights Education


To strengthen the skills and knowledge of activists in promoting human rights, democracy, and peace and promote public discourse and activism on issues of peace and democracy. The organization will conduct two annual training courses for activists, one on democracy and the other on peace and tolerance, and strengthen a grassroots movement on pluralism and religious tolerance.

Strengthening Local Governance and Women’s Political Participation

Women In Struggle for Empowerment (WISE)


To strengthen gender equity and accountability in local governance and cultivate women’s leadership and civic participation at the local level. The organization will carry out evidence-based research on women and governance as well as organize conferences and carry out a media campaign to increase women’s representation in local government and call for timely elections. The project will also provide training to build the leadership capacity of women community members, female students, and women candidates for local office.

Strengthening Local Governance in Sialkot



To promote political empowerment and civic participation among marginalized communities in Sialkot district. The group will carry out a civic and voter education campaign in 40 communities across the district to increase voter turnout and political participation among women, youth, religious minorities, and laborers in local elections. It will also conduct trainings and forums with citizens and elected representatives to promote public accountability in the post-election period.

Strengthening Political Participation of Rural Communities

Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy


To strengthen civic engagement and electoral participation among rural communities, particularly among women and youth. The organization will carry out voter registration and civic education campaigns, train local communities to engage constructively with local government on development plans, build the capacity of a national network of rural women to engage in advocacy and raise civic awareness, and conduct policy advocacy on electoral reforms.

Strengthening Pro-Women Legislation and Cultural Pluralism

Mehergarh: A Centre of Learning


To strengthen the implementation of pro-women legislation, build leadership and political participation among youth, and promote cultural pluralism and tolerance to curb militant ideology. The grantee will engage with and conduct trainings for the government, private sector, civil society and the media as part of its long-term advocacy efforts to enact and ensure compliance with pro-women laws.  The organization will organize training courses on democracy and pluralism for cultural activists and youth.

Strengthening Support for Democratic Values and Systems through Religious Leaders

Peace and Education Foundation


To build the capacity of religious leaders to promote democratic principles and values within their communities. The organization will print two books on Islam and democracy, organize advanced trainings for religious leaders on democracy across Pakistan, and carry out focus group discussion with religious and political leaders on ways to strengthen democratic culture. Religious leaders involved in the project will carry out community outreach activities, including television programs, to raise public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of democratic norms and values.

To Mitigate Extremist and Anti-Democratic Discourse in Religious Media

International Research Council for Religious Affairs


To increase understanding of and support for democracy and democratic principles such as pluralism and religious tolerance in religious media. The organization will conduct a series of trainings to engage religious media editors, writers, and other key stakeholders to mitigate extremist and anti-democratic discourse within religious media.   As follow-up, these editors and writers will organize dialogues with fellow media practitioners on democracy and Islam and conduct a media campaign to strengthen awareness and acceptance of democratic values and practices.

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