Bolstering Youth Capacity to Advance Democracy

Generation Peace Youth Network


To strengthen the capacity of youth organizations to promote democratic values and advance human rights. The network of young advocates will conduct a series of education and advocacy initiatives to empower youth groups to take action to uphold rights and freedoms. Activities will include capacity building trainings for network chapters; university forums across the country; and the coordination of a national campaign to raise public awareness among young people about their rights and roles as citizens.

Fostering Citizen Participation in Defending Human Rights

Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates


To broaden public awareness of human rights principles and mobilize policy support for rights protection. The project will strengthen citizens’ understanding of democracy and human rights, encourage citizen participation in dialogues and collective action to promote rights, and engage decision-makers to bolster defense of rights. Activities will include human rights education initiatives, network strengthening, awareness-raising campaigns, and advocacy.

Fostering Democratic Values Among Youth

Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, Inc.


To strengthen coordination and collaboration among young democracy and human rights advocates. The project will build the capacity of young leaders and youth organizations to foster a democratic political culture among a new generation of Filipinos. These groups will go on to establish youth democracy hubs, where forums, workshops, and other educational activities will provide young people with spaces to develop their understanding and practice of democratic principles. Other activities will provide youth with opportunities to contribute their voices to public discussions and debates on democracy challenges facing the country.

Investigative Journalism to Strengthen the Public Discourse on Democracy and Human Rights

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism


To bolster the media’s ability to promote transparency and accountability and strengthen public discourse on democracy and human rights through investigative journalism. The organization will produce investigative reports on democracy and rights issues; organize public forums to deepen discussions on the topics of the reports; and conduct trainings to develop journalists’ understanding of policies related to human rights, democratic governance, and impunity as well as sharpen their skills to undertake investigative reporting on these issues.

Mobilizing Advocates to Protect and Advance Democracy

International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov) Inc.


To empower and mobilize an informed public and a multisectoral community of reformers dedicated to advancing and sustaining democratic reform. The organization will provide platforms that bring together a diverse range of advocates across civil society and other sectors to reflect on the challenges to democracy, discuss critical policy issues, and collaborate to support and protect democratic institutions. Activities will include the organization of roundtable discussions, secretariat support for key coalitions and campaigns, and research.

Promoting Accuracy and Transparency in Public Debate

VERA Files


To promote accuracy and accountability in public debate. The fact-checking initiative will monitor, verify, and report on the accuracy of statements made by politicians and government officials. The team will publish the non-partisan assessments on its website and promote the articles in traditional and social media to raise public awareness and foster more informed political discourse.

Promoting Responsible Journalism and Press Freedom

Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility

Supplement: $22,517

To advance press freedom and promote responsible journalism. The organization will monitor media practices and post reports of the reviews on its website.  Other activities will include raising awareness of media freedom violations, the development of an annual report examining the state of the press, and a conference to highlight professional media practices.

Strengthening Civic Participation

Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc.


To strengthen civic engagement by empowering local communities to participate in public debates on key policy issues and to amplify their voices in support of democracy. Activities will include capacity-building for local leaders on advocacy and partnership building; town hall meetings on democracy-related topics; and awareness-raising initiatives to promote more civic and political participation.

Strengthening Collaboration among the Legal Community to Protect Human Rights

Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS), Inc.


To strengthen information sharing and collaboration within the legal community to defend human rights. Through the coordination of forums and the establishment of new partnerships with rights advocates from various sectors, the project will facilitate more dialogue and joint action to promote human rights policies. Other activities will focus on providing legal assistance for rights violations and raising public awareness about human rights abuses.

Strengthening Credible Medical Documentation of Human Rights Abuses

The Medical Action Group, Inc. (MAG)


To promote accountability for human rights violations by strengthening medical documentation and investigation practices. The organization will conduct trainings for health care professionals to sharpen their understanding and application of international guidelines for the investigation, documentation, and reporting of human rights violations. The organization will also collaborate with partners to address and document these abuses.

Strengthening Grassroots Activists’ Capacity to Protect Human Rights

Peoples’ Alternative Studies Center for Research and Education in Social Development (PASCRES)


To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations to promote human rights and democracy. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for grassroots activists on topics related to democracy and human rights principles, being a human rights defender, and advocacy. Participants will conduct follow-on activities to share their knowledge, expand their networks, and collaborate with one another in advocacy campaigns to support human rights.

Strengthening Women’s Voices to Promote Democratic Values


Supplement: $21,600

To strengthen women’s political participation and empower women to take action to support democratic processes and institutions. Through its network, the organization will bolster the ability of women to speak out collectively against threats to democracy, and engage key stakeholders, the broader democracy movement, and the general public to advance democracy and human rights. Activities will include trainings and learning sessions, advocacy initiatives, and awareness-raising campaigns.

Supporting Independent Media and Policy Discourse in Mindanao

Mindanao Institute of Journalism, Inc.


To provide the public with a credible source of independent news reporting. The organization will publish an online daily newspaper that covers critical and underreported issues in the southern region of the country, including the peace process, governance, business, and the environment. The publication will feature articles and reports that examine in more depth the impacts of local- and national-level policies on communities in the region.

Understanding and Addressing Disinformation’s Impact on Democracy



To strengthen awareness and understanding of disinformation. The organization will focus on capturing and analyzing data on the disinformation ecosystem to facilitate research on how disinformation spreads online and how this dynamic affects democracy. It will work with other newsgroups and key stakeholders to systematize and expand collaborative fact-checking as well as support awareness and education efforts that seek to broaden knowledge on disinformation.

Young Leaders for Good Governance Fellowship – Building Inter-Regional Connections and Human Rights Knowledge

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support the development of young, newly elected officials to serve as effective representatives and implement good governance reforms in their communities. The institute will work with local partners to coordinate the second year of a fellowship program called Young Leaders for Good Governance (YLGG). The YLGG fellows from Luzon and Mindanao will gain knowledge and skills for defending human rights principles and will develop cross-regional, local, and national connections necessary to champion responsive governance.

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