Advancing Workers’ Rights Under the Sustainable Development Goals in South Asia

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote improvements in decent work and core labor standards in South Asia countries, the center will raise awareness among workers, unions, and NGOs about the incorporation of labor rights in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and methods for advocating their implementation. The center’s partners will develop strategies for government engagement; document major rights violations and publish reports focused on women, migrants and child laborers; and participate in international labor and civil society coalitions seeking to promote reform.

Promoting Decent Work Conditions and Fundamental Workplace Freedoms

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen union capacity to advocate for improved engagement with and responsiveness to labor community issues, to advance workplace and policy level solutions to mitigate gender-based violence and gender discrimination, and to improve union and migrant worker advocates’ capacity to promote workers’ political and economic rights. The center will work closely with union centers, unions representing growing sectors, and migrant worker groups.

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